Introducing The
True Energy App

What is it?
The central hub for True Energy’s services and solutions.

What can it do?
Make your electricity consumption intelligent: Cheaper and more climate-friendly – automatically.

Can you show me?
Sure thing – just look at our step-by-step intro below.

Prices & CO2 Forecast

1. Step One
Download the True Energy App for your Android or iOS smartphone.

2. Step Two
Register as a user with True Energy.

3. Step Three
Start using our services to automatically lower your energy bill and CO2-emissions.

Turn your smartphone into your remote for everything from EV charging to home appliances


Via the True Energy app, you can control the charging of your electric vehicle, ensuring that you charge at times when electricity is cheapest and/or most climate-friendly. We call this SmartCharge. You can choose whether you want to prioritise lowest prices or most climate-friendly charging. Fortunately, the two often coincide, giving you both benefits at the same time.

No need to keep an eye on the continually changing electricity prices and associated CO2-emissions –  the True Energy app handles that automatically. Choose how much you want the vehicle’s battery to be charged and when it should be ready. Our app automatically calculates the optimal charging plan, updating every 5 minutes to always reflect your current situation. You can follow the vehicle’s charging progress via the app.

Big Battery

1. Step One
Register your electric vehicle with True Energy or one of our partners through the True Energy App.

2. Step Two
Complete the registration process to become part of the Big Battery programme.

3. Step Three
Charge your car during Big Battery periods to earn monetary rewards while assisting with our joint green transition.

Help balance the energy grid now and in the future and lower CO2-emissions while earning monetary rewards through True Energy’s Big Battery solution.

Top Lists

See how much you are saving and compare your results with friends, family, and other True Energy users. Thanks to our top lists, you can always track how you are doing – and perhaps find inspiration to lower your energy use and CO2-emissions even further.


Control and automate lights, thermostats and household appliances such as washers, dryers, and washing machines with the True Energy App.

Our list of possible solutions keeps growing. In part thanks to integration with the cloud connector service IFTTT. Through our collaboration, we can help build and implement on-spec SmartHome solutions.

The list of possible advantages is long. To gain access to all of them, you need to be an electricity customer with one of our partners.


All of True Energy’s solutions can help you save money as well as lower the environmental impact of our energy use. For users who take part in the Big Battery programme, those savings can include monetary rebates on their energy bills.

Through the True Energy App, you can constantly optimise your energy use to match with times when the prices or carbon footprint are lowest. Our data is continually updated and breaks down costs on an hour-per-hour basis 24/7 – 365 days a year. See in the True Energy App how much you are saving a day, week, month or year.