Connect Your Appliances

With True Energy’s App

SmartHome connects your appliances to data about electricity prices and environmental impact for the coming 24 hours. It enables you to use electricity in ways that are both cheaper and more environmentally friendly. For example, by running your washer and dryer or dishwasher at optimal times.

How Does SmartHome Work?

Home Connect and IFTTT (a free third party company) connect your appliances via WiFi.

True Energy’s app analyses data to determine when energy consumption is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly.

Through the app’s connection to your appliances, via IFTTT, it is possible to automatically start and run the appliances at the most optimal times where energy production is either cheapest or has the lowest environmental impact – qualities that often overlap.

Quickguide for SmartStart

Follow the guide for how to activate your dishwasher and see how SmartStart works with your appliances.

With SmartHome, True Energy can optimise many different functions and units throughout your home, and we are constantly adding new functionalities and appliances. We support all appliances with Home Connect. Explore SmartHome with IFTTT and see what we offer for your home. 

Save CO2 and Money

With SmartStart

With True Energy’s SmartStart for dishwashers, washers, and dryers, the appliances automatically start at the optimal time. 

Both the price and environmental impact of electricity production fluctuates from hour to hour. During some times, electricity is expensive, while during others it is both cheap and climate-friendly because production from renewable energy sources is high.

The Perfect Match

True Energy knows the price and environmental impact of electricity production on an hour-by-hour basis. We match these data with your personal preferences to optimise your use of electricity. And it all happens automatically!

We do not terminate any appliance programs once they are running and you are always in control of deciding whether or not to use SmartStart or manually start your appliances.

How it works: Being as Environmentally Friendly as Possible

In this example, we want to run the dishwasher when it’s environmentally friendly, and the program lasts three hours. The yellow graph indicates the expected CO2 emissions per kWh.

True Energy’s App calculates that the three hours with the lowest CO2 emissions will be from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Therefore the dishwasher is started – automatically via SmartStart – at 1 pm.

How it works:  Saving as Much

Money as Possible

In this example, running the dishwasher should be as cheap as possible. As is the case with the previous example, the program lasts three hours. 

The hourly rate of electricity is indicated by the blue pillars.

The three cheapest hours are from 2 pm onwards and the dishwasher is therefore started at 2 pm.