Meet the Team: Karina Füzesy

In the centre of True Energy’s engine room, you find Karina Füzesy. As the IT Project Manager, she plays a central role in developing and implementing our solutions and products.

Expertise and experience with IT project management, complemented by broad experience from the energy and consulting industry, were among the details in Karina Füzesy’s CV, when she signed a full-time contract with True Energy about a year ago.

The motivation for the shift included the opportunity to work with an innovative energy platform that combines renewable energy and sustainability with solutions that focus on consumer and society benefits. Focus on – and direct contact with the end-users were other driving forces.

She came to Denmark from Hungary at the best possible time. Summer was just around the corner, and Denmark showed itself from its best, greenest side. We cannot say whether this has influenced her excellent impression of the Danes, which she describes as straightforward and constructive.

Outside of work, a lot of time is spent with the family’s little two-year-old twins and arts and crafts when there is room for it. Karina makes brooches and has been a diligent painter since her days in art school before university.

Rich Roots

With the kids in mind, there is less time for nature experiences and hiking, which are some favourite pastimes when on vacation. Karina Füzesy is originally from Ukraine and has attended the University of Corvinus in Hungary for her BA and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands for her MSc. Both countries save on positive surprises regarding nature experiences and food and drink. The unspoiled, ancient nature of Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains and Hungary’s still relatively unknown regions for quality wine are among the recommendations she will give to Danes considering travelling eastward.

Currently, the war in Ukraine fills a lot for the family. Karina’s parents live in western Ukraine, and their house is currently filled with those in need from the eastern part of the country.

Hopefully, the world will soon see calmer times and more opportunities to travel. When that time arrives, there is no doubt that travel will involve an electric car – or an electric bus, to be exact. When asked about her favourite electric vehicle, Karina has no doubt: it has to be VW’s upcoming ID.BUZZ,

an electric incarnation of the old “hippie buses.” When they go to market, the Füzesy-family is ready to snatch one up – and afterwards, it may well be that it is the foundation for a road trip around Europe.