Danish Energy Startup Hires Business Development Expert For a New, Exciting Project

True Energy is readying a new project that opens up a wide array of new business opportunities. The experienced business development expert Jens Bruun Skifter has been hired to drive the project and co-ordinate with related parties.

The Danish energy startup True Energy is ready to launch a new, large business project. While the project’s exact details will remain under wraps until later in the spring, 2021, business development is in full swing.

To drive the new project forward and co-ordinate with involved parties and collaborators on business development, the company has hired Jens Bruun Skifter.

Jens Bruun Skifter is an electric car enthusiast, owns an electric car and has close connections to many Danish electric cars’ associations. He has extensive experience with business development, which includes growing a Danish nature playground manufacturer from one carpentry workshop to a full factory and over 100 dealers in 30 countries.

“I am both happy and proud to join one of Denmark’s most exciting companies. With a background as a farmer, I rarely use big words like that, but in this situation it is fitting, ” Jens Bruun Skifter says, and continues:

“Our new project can play a crucial role in achieving Denmark’s ambitious goals for electric cars. For True Energy, it opens up many new growth opportunities.”


More to Come

True Energy is seeing rapidly increasing interest in smart charging of electric cars that makes charging automatic and coincide with periods when electricity is cheapest or comes from renewable energy sources – or both.

Without lifting too much of the veil for the new project, it will expand those opportunities and give far more people the chance to participate in our joint transition toward a greener future via electric cars.


About True Energy

True Energy was founded in 2018. The company works to make it easy for customers to automatically use electricity when it is cheapest and most climate-friendly. At the same time, True Energy’s solutions help balance the energy grid. In this way, we – and our customers – support the transition to more renewable energy.

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