New Tech Lead at True Energy Ready For Spring Filled With New Projects

True Energy, Denmark’s only full smart charge-supplier for electric cars, has permanently hired Łukasz Dudek as Technology Lead, as True Energy readies the launch of several new projects and solutions.

Łukasz Dudek can now write Technology Lead, True Energy, on his business card. His strong profile leading teams through complex, technical projects and programming skills have led to permanent employment with the Danish energy startup.

The permanent employment marks the start of a particularly busy period for True Energy. The company is Denmark’s only supplier of full smart charge capabilities, where electric cars are automatically charged when the electricity is cheapest or has the lowest climate impact. Furthermore, the company has developed solutions for managing smart homes, and work is well underway on the integration of several solutions aimed at optimising the use of solar panels.

However, Łukasz will spend a solid amount of his time working on several new projects, where True Energy – and partner companies – look to create a fundamental shift in electric cars’ outlook in Denmark.

“While we cannot unveil the details, I can say that it represents a major development for what electricity consumers can achieve through our app – and their electrically powered devices all the way up to electric cars. At True Energy, we are focused on the transition to green energy. As a development leader, it is super exciting to help lay the foundation for the energy grid and energy consumption of the future,” Łukasz Dudek says.

From Denmark and Around the World

True Energy has its roots and origins in Denmark, but there is an international mindset on both the market and employee front.

Today, True Energy has employees in Denmark, Poland, India and Japan, while there are active projects and partners in Denmark, Norway and Germany – and more on the way.

“We think internationally in all respects, and Łukasz showed from day one, when he worked as a contractor with us, that he is skilled at technology development. We are super happy that he is now a full-time part of the company, and, of course, hope that his wish to move to Denmark also comes true, so we can have him in the office,” Charlotte Blou Sand, founder and CEO of True Energy, says.

About True Energy:

True Energy was founded in 2018. The company’s aim is to make it easy for customers to automatically use electricity when it is cheapest and most climate-friendly. At the same time, True Energy’s solutions help balance the energy grid. In this way, we – and our customers – support the transition to more renewable energy.

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