Official Tesla Owners Association and True Energy A/S Sign Cooperation Agreement

Tesla’s Owners Denmark – the official association for Tesla owners in Denmark – and True Energy are joining forces to give extra impetus to the green transition and utilisation of electric cars.

It has been eagerly awaited on both sides and now it is official: the official association for Tesla owners in Denmark, Tesla Owners Denmark, and True Energy have signed a cooperation agreement.

Tesla owners have since the first launch of True Energy’s app been able to take advantage of its usability and climate benefits. Through the new collaboration, the parties will explore synergies and support each other in areas they are passionate about: electric cars and the green transition.

“It is super exciting to work with an association that is so committed to both the green area, electric cars and their brand. There are many areas where we together can give extra impetus to the acceleration of the green transition, ” Charlotte Blou Sand, CEO and founder of True Energy, says.


Tesla Owners Denmark says:
“True Energy is one of the companies at the cutting edge when it comes to solutions that make it easy and automatic to support the climate via electric cars. This approach supports the mission that is central to both Tesla and our association: to increase the use of green and climate-friendly electricity. True Energy achieves this by making it easy for a user to charge their electric car when the electricity is cheapest and most climate-friendly.”


Infrastructure as a Focal Point
Denmark has set ambitious goals for electric cars. To live up to them, up to a million new electric cars need to hit Danish roads over the coming ten years. To reach these goals, major infrastructure upgrades are essential. Both public charging stations and better-distributed charging will be requirements if we are to avoid expensive expansions of the existing electricity grid.

Electricity and charging infrastructure are areas where there are clear opportunities for cooperation between Tesla Owners Denmark and True Energy. Among other things, this could focus on how electric cars can act as a buffer in the electricity grid, as is the case with True Energy’s Big Battery solution.


More Collaborations Coming?
From True Energy’s point of view, one of the most exciting aspects of the new agreement is that it provides a starting point for idea development and planning with an electric car association.

“The synergies arise from, among other things, the fact that we can support, help and inspire each other. We have special expertise in intelligent solutions for electric cars, while they know what users want. That combination is very exciting, ”Charlotte Blou Sand says, and continues:

“I would like to encourage other electric car associations to get in touch. We would be more than happy to collaborate with as many electric car owners as possible, and here owner associations are obvious partners. ”


About Tesla Owners Denmark
Tesla Owners Denmark is the official Danish member association for owners of Tesla Motors vehicles and Tesla enthusiasts. The association is a positive and active sparring partner for Tesla Motors and works to spread knowledge about climate-friendly initiatives, including CO2-reducing activities, building charging stations where these are lacking and working for a good charging culture among electric drivers.

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About True Energy
Founded in 2018. True Energy works to make it easy for customers to automatically use electricity when cheapest and most climate-friendly. At the same time, True Energy’s solutions help balance the energy grid. In this way, we – and our customers – support the transition to more renewable energy.

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