True Energy accelerates SmartCharge for electric cars in Norway

True Energy has signed a partnership agreement with Øvre Eiker Energi. The agreement opens new opportunities and strengthens innovation for a Norwegian electricity company with strong ties to its customers and roots.

For more than 100 years, Øvre Eiker Energi (ØEE) has supplied electricity to customers in the vicinity of Oslo. Today, the area is home to many electric cars. They, and their owners, can now reap the benefits of automatic, cheaper, and potentially greener, charging.

The new opportunities are a result of a partnership agreement between True Energy and Øvre Eiker Energi, which enables the latter’s customers to reap the full benefits of True Energy’s innovative App for SmartCharge – a solution for smart, automatic electric vehicle (EV) charging.

“Many of our customers have an electric car and are of course interested in how they get the cheapest electricity. We want to offer our customers the best services and solutions, and that is why we have chosen to collaborate with True Energy and bring their App’s benefits our customers,” Arne Hanto Moen, CEO of Øvre Eiker Energi, says.

Charlotte Sand, CEO and founder of True Energy, says:

“Norway is home to many electric cars with knowledgeable and quality-conscious owners. Through our solutions, they get new opportunities, experience less hassle and can use electricity as cheaply and easily as possible.”


SmartCharge and innovation in focus

The greater Oslo area is home to many of the 60,000 new EVs (electric cars, hybrid cars and hybrid cars with charging capability), which were sold in Norway last year. In the first half of 2020, 78.3% (28,503) of all cars sold were EVs. Norway is the world’s third-largest EV market after China and USA.

The numbers mean that Norway today is experiencing challenges that wait around the corner for other countries set to see a marked increase in electric vehicles on their streets. This applies, among other things, to the impact of electric cars on the electricity grid. If many EVs charge at the same time as people cook dinner on electric stoves and use electricity for heating, it can lead to challenges for the existing electricity grid. One possible solution is expanding the existing energy infrastructure, but this is both expensive and disruptive.

True Energy’s solutions point in a different direction. Thanks for features like the innovative SmartCharge, True Energy enables automatic charging of electric cars during periods when electricity is cheapest (most often also when power consumption is lowest and most of the energy comes from renewable sources). It not only lowers the cost of car owners but strengthens opportunities to further develop a green, electricity-based society without having to expand the electricity grid continually.
For Øvre Eiker Energi, the new solutions are also an excellent opportunity to strengthen innovation and integrate functions that customers demand, without having to go through long, expensive development projects.

“With True Energy, our customers can automate and control their electricity consumption directly from their smartphone. That applies whether they are at home, at work, or on a ski trip in the mountains. It also helps to increase our competitiveness in the electricity industry,” Arne Hanto Moen says.


About Øvre Eiker Energi:

Øvre Eiker Energi AS (ØEE) is a more than 100-year-old energy company with strong roots in its local area. ØEE aims to develop its modern and efficient core business in electricity and continue to be among the ten most efficient electricity companies in Norway. This will be achieved through, among other things, active collaboration with other companies to develop and implement new solutions and functions.

ØEE will also continue to focus on further developing its strong local brand, where it distinguishes itself from its competitors through a firm focus on renewable electricity.

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About True Energy:

True Energy was founded in 2018. The company strives to make it easy for customers to automatically use electricity when it is cheapest and most climate-friendly. At the same time, True Energy’s solutions help balance the energy grid. In this way, we – and our customers – support the transition to more renewable energy.

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