True Energy Enters Europe’s Biggest Market For EVs

True Energy has signed a partnership agreement with Norway’s third-largest electricity supplier. The agreement marks True Energy’s entry into Europe’s largest market for electric vehicles.



True Energy has signed a partnership agreement with Norway’s third-largest electricity supplier, LOS. The agreement is True Energy’s first with a partner in Norway, which is seen as a particularly important market due to its many electric vehicles (EVs). Norway is by far the largest EV market in Europe and the World’s third-largest market for EVs and EV hybrids.

The collaboration means that LOS ‘customers get access to the True Energy App and its ability to deliver automatic, flexible EV charging and thereby lower users’ electricity bills. The optimisation also enables greater grid flexibility and thereby helps existing electricity grid infrastructure which is under increasing pressure.

”LOS is always looking to implement new, innovative solutions for our customers. True Energy, and their app, which includes SmartCharge charging solutions for EVs, is a very exciting player in the energy space. Our new collaboration enables us to integrate and offer an existing solution much faster than if we had tried to create one from scratch,” Margit Unander, CEO in LOS, says.

”Norway is, with its many electric vehicles, an incredibly exciting market for us, and LOS is the perfect partner – both geographically and with regard to mindset. We are both dedicated to giving electricity customers more freedom and the ability to match their values and energy use without it leading to more work,” Charlotte Sand, CEO and found of True Energy, says.


Biggest Market

Norway is home to more than 300,000 electric vehicles and more than 130,000 PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicles). The country has the highest EV market penetration per capita in the world. As a mature, broad market, Norwegian EV owners are used to well-functioning charging solutions. True Energy and LOS have worked closely together on the launch of True Energy’s app to Norwegian EV owners. 

The customer base and the many electric cars in Norway mean that that the country sometimes faces challenges with insufficient capacity in the existing electricity grid. Changes are needed to avoid growing challenges, which are likely on the road to a future, fully electric society. True Energy’s solutions can help make the charging of electric cars flexible according to the needs of the electricity grid, without creating issues for electric car owners. Thus, additional costs and cumbersome expansion of the existing electricity grid can be postponed or wholly eliminated.


About LOS

LOS is Norway’s third-largest electricity distributor. It sells electricity and energy-related products and services to private customers across all of Norway. Part of LOS’ goal is to make it simple for customers to make good, green decisions and choices in their daily lives. LOS was recently named as the Norwegian energy company with the happiest and most loyal customers (EPSI 2019).

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About True Energy

True Energy works to make it easy for customers to automatically use electricity when it is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly. At the same time, True Energy’s solutions help balance the energy grid. Through this, we, and our customers, help support our transition to more renewable energy.

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