True Energy is expanding again with new partner: gonergi a|s

True Energy has entered into a new partnership agreement with goenergi a|s. The partnership gives Danish electricity consumers better opportunities to automatically use electricity when it is cheapest and most climate-friendly.

True Energy has entered into a partner agreement with energy company goenergi a|s, which will now offer our app to their customers. This means that electricity consumers who get their electricity through goenergi a|s now have access to benefits such as automatic charging of electric cars or the use of home appliances when electricity is cheapest or most climate-friendly.

For electric car owners, an added benefit is that they can join Big Battery, where the cars’ batteries can help balance the power grid and ensure the green conversion. At the same time, it gives access to the so-called Kabelrabat ™, which gives a lower electricity bill. Fully automatic and effortless.

True Energy monitors electricity prices and production hour by hour. Through the data collected and our app, users can decide when they will use electricity to charge electric cars or electrical appliances at home. The latter category includes household appliances, among other things.

Using the app, power consumption can be set to start automatically when electricity comes from renewable energy sources and / or electricity costs are lowest. It is often at times when most people are sleeping, and in these cases, automatic start of the washing machine or charging the electric car really pays off.

The partner agreement is the fourth between True Energy and a Danish energy company wihtou the last few months. Apart from goenergi a|s, True Energy has entered into agreements with Modstrøm, Samstrøm and Aura.

Charlotte Sand, founder and CEO of True Energy, says:

“The new agreement is great news for both True Energy, goenergi a|s, and electricity consumers. We clearly see that consumers both at home and abroad want the green transition. True Energy’s solutions allow them to think and act more climate-friendly in everyday life. The new collaboration agreement will help to develop services and products that will benefit both True Energy, goenergi a|s and our customers. ”

goenergi a|s tells that over 700 of goenergi a|s customers have already downloaded the True Energy app, which plays a key role in the new collaboration agreement.

Jacob Møller, CEO of goenergi a|s, explains:

“The collaboration between goenergi a|s and True Energy provides new opportunities for our customers to further adjust, automate and optimize their everyday life and electricity consumption – both today and in the future. The collaboration will allow us to be able to respond flexibly to price and CO2 fluctuations, to further secure the electricity grid, and to jointly support the green transition.

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