True Energy Partners With Porsche’s Consultancy Group, MHP, on the Future of Mobile, Green Energy

A new strategic alliance between True Energy and MHP, a Porsche subsidiary focused on consulting services for the automotive industry, creates new opportunities greener, cheaper energy for end-consumers.

Owners of electric vehicles may benefit from a new alliance between True Energy and MHP, a global consultancy and subsidiary of the famous Porsche automotive company. As part of the new strategic partnership, the two parties will look to further the green and sustainable transition through partnering on the customisation and development of True Energy’s existing solution and offering the result to MHP-customers for their E-Mobility strategy initiatives.

True Energy considers itself Europe’s top provider of solutions designed to automatically make customers electricity consumption climate-friendly and cheaper with the purpose of working for the green transition to sustainable energy. This includes the ability to automatically charge electric vehicles through its “Smart Energy & EV Charging App” when power comes from renewable energy sources – or when it is cheapest. Furthermore, the app can be used to time the use of household appliances in a similar fashion.

MHP stands for Excellence in Management- and IT-Consulting for Mobility and Manufacturing. Within this sector, MHP is recognized as preferred Partner for end-to-end solutions. As being expert in digitalization and E-Mobility, MHP delivers innovative strategies and solutions to transform change processes within the E-Mobility-Landscape of the future into sustainable success.

Dr. Dominique Gross, Associated Partner and Head of MHP IE2S explains: 

“Together, we offer an end-to-end approach that covers everything from strategic design through the technical development and the final solution to our customer for a free of discrimination and sustainable answer. This Partnership shows them the best way to address the energy- and mobility change. The automotive and energy industry are walking hand in hand“,

Charlotte Blou Sand, CEO and Founder of True Energy, elaborates:

“The agreement opens up new opportunities for not just True Energy and MHP, but also for anyone looking to make their energy use more climate-friendly – not to mention cheaper. Consumers want to contribute to making the energy grid of the future as green as possible. Thanks to our new strategic partnership with MHP, we hope to make that a possibility for even more people across the globe.”

Read MHP’s announcement of the partnership aggrement here.

MHP IE2S Business model:

MHP Business Model

​About MHP:

MHP was founded in 1996 and has posted continuous growth since its inception. Today, the company has a workforce of more than 2.800 across the globe. It posted revenues of €431 million in 2018.