Optimise your solar benefits with True Energy and Smart-me


Via the True Energy app, you can follow the hourly electricity price and CO2 emissions and, among other things, charge your electric car automatically when the electricity is cheapest or most climate-friendly. With the integration of a Smart-me module for your solar panels, you get even better insights and opportunities to control and optimise your electricity consumption. With True Energy and Smart-me, you can see when electricity is flowing in or out of the house and automatically start charging the electric car when you have an overproduction.

Smart-me modules can be installed in the popular Kamstrup electricity meters. The combination provides additional opportunities to utilise energy as efficiently as possible through access to intelligent energy data. That data can be translated by True Energy into proactive insight and the ability to control and reduce your energy costs – all completely automatically. For solar cell owners with an electric car, this means, among other things, that you can automatically start charging the electric car with your solar power productions when you have surplus production. As a result, you can make better use of your self-produced electricity and lower your total energy bill. In the vast majority of cases, it will be more expensive to buy electricity from the grid than charge your electric car with the extra production you have at home.

Guide to installing your Smart-me communication module


To take advantage of the many possibilities that a Smart-me module offers, you must connect it with your Kamstrup meter. The module can be purchased here (LINK), and you can easily install it yourself.

This can be done by following six simple steps:

1) Find the “HAN-Module door” in your OMNI-Power Kamstrup meter, open it and insert the module.

2) Follow the instructions from SMART-ME. Remember to have your encryption code ready.

3) You must be able to see continuous (live) measurement of your electricity meter via SMART-ME’s app.

4) Remember your password and username.

5) Enter the SMART-ME password and username again in our app.

6) Check that the “needle” is updated in our app.

Should you need help with the app or your smart-me module, you can always write to our support – both via the chat function in the app or via the website. We are ready to help you.