What is climate-friendly electricity?

Solar panels on a house symbolising climate-friendly electricity.

Supporting the green transition and promoting climate-friendly electricity happens automatically when using True Energy’s solutions. you are supporting the green transition of energy use and the electricity grid in two ways: By buying certified energy from renewable energy sources and by using electricity when its production is as environmentally friendly as possible.  Share on Electricity […]

Why You Still Pay for Negative Electricity Prices

Why you pay for negative electricity prices

Even with negative electricity prices, you end up having to pay for electricity – a situation that is partially due to the energy grid’s structure. True Energy provides you with the best possible starting point for minimising your electricity costs and carbon footprint – no matter what the electricity prices are like. Share on In True Energy’s […]

Denmark’s Tariff System for Electric Vehicle Owners – True Energy

The Danish energy tariff system illustrated by wind turbines.

Denmark is undergoing a significant shift in network tariffs. Tariff Model 3.0 is time-differentiated, but with the True Energy app, you get full information on tariffs and a way of charging when they’re lowest.   Share on Network tariffs are a core element of our electricity grid. Below is an explanation of how True Energy integrates tariffs […]

Distributech 2024 – True Energy

EV that looks like it is driving toward Distributech 2024.

Landis+Gyr and its subsidiary True Energy are proud to announce their participation at Distributech 2024. Share on The companies will be showcasing innovative Smart EV Charging and EV Flex Management solutions at the leading energy industry trade show, focusing on the latest technologies in electricity distribution and smart grid solutions. Landis+Gyr is also excited to […]