Understanding Electric Vehicle Terms and Abbreviations

Understanding EV terms and abbreviations.

BEV, PHEV, V2G, Level 1, 2, and 3? Do you need clarification on all the EV terms and abbreviations? This guide will help you understand the most important terms in the electric vehicle industry. Share on Learn essential EV terms and abbreviations for informed decision-making. Learn about EV types, batteries, charging methods and more. Enhance […]

EVs and Load Balancing Explained

Image of Ev taht symbolises load balancing

Find answers to questions like, how do EVs and load balancing go together? Why should EV owners be concerned about load balancing? And how can energy companies leverage EVs to increase grid resilience? Share on EVs can provide load balancing and support grid infrastructure. EV owners have a lot to gain from grid balancing. Load […]

Are These the Biggest Benefits of Electric Cars?

Benefits of electric cars

True Energy has mapped out our candidates for the most significant benefits of electric cars. Do you agree with our list? Let us know, and we will update our infographic with your insights. Share on Electric cars are increasingly popular around the World. Sales are growing and many countries are working on plans to encourage […]

Winter Tires for Electric Vehicles – What You Need to Know

Winter tires on an electric vehicle

Learn more about winter tires for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in our guide. Share on Whatever one may think of it, the Hummer H2’s 6614 pounds (roughly three metric tons) indisputably puts it in the heavyweight division of cars. A new electric version adds 50%, weighing in at 9046 pounds (about 4.5 tons). The weight means that you, […]

Avoid or Minimize EV Vampire Drain

Minimise vampire drain image

Vampire drain occurs when built-in systems and third-party apps slowly drains your electric car’s battery, even when it’s not in use. Share on To know how to avoid EV Vampire drain, you need to ask First of all – What is vampire drain? ‍How much range can I lose to vampire drain? What should I […]


Cityscape with lines that symbolise vehicle-to-grid technology

With Vehicle-to-Grid, or V2G, your electric car can potentially make money while sitting still. Read how it will take place in our guide. Share on Electric cars can do a lot – and have the potential for even more. For example, they can “sell” the energy that is in their batteries when they are standing […]

Why your electric car is charging slower than you expected

An electric car charging

In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons behind varying charging speeds and offer ten practical tips and tricks on how you can optimise the charging process. Share on My electric car is not charging at the speed I thought it would. Many of us have made similar observations about our electric vehicle (EV) […]

How to Improve Your Electric Car Battery Lifespan

Electric car battery being charged.

Electric vehicles are more and more popular. New and more experienced electric car owners alike face the same question: How do I best protect the battery? Share on The battery in an electric car (EV) is one of the most expensive components and can easily cost $10,000 (60,000 Danish Kroner). That price tag makes it […]

How True Energy Harnesses the Power of EV Integrations – True Energy

Line of EVs and EV integrations.

EV integrations sit at the heart of True Energy’s advanced energy management systems. Look behind the curtain at how we link our solutions to electric vehicles. Share on How does information flow back and forth between our systems and your car? Electric vehicle integration steps​ The different ways to integrate with an EV​ The Future […]