Winter Tires for Electric Vehicles – What You Need to Know

Winter tires on an electric vehicle

Learn more about winter tires for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in our guide. Share on Whatever one may think of it, the Hummer H2’s 6614 pounds (roughly three metric tons) indisputably puts it in the heavyweight division of cars. A new electric version adds 50%, weighing in at 9046 pounds (about 4.5 tons). The weight means that you, […]

Maintaining optimal electric vehicle tire pressure

EV tire having the pressure checked

The simple act of regularly checking and maintaining your EV tire pressure, along with our other tips and tricks, can unlock miles of efficiency for EV owners and fleet managers. Share on Its important to maintain tire pressure Maintaining optimal EV tire pressure​ Winter challenges for EV tire pressure​ EV Tire pressure checklist for fleet […]