One app, three benefits
Smarter, greener and cheaper energy

True Energy’s app helps you use electricity when it is climate-friendly and cheap. Automatically and regardless of your supplier.

Charge Your Electric Car

Charge your car automatically when the power is cheapest and most climate friendly. Just let the app know when your car should be ready – True Energy does the rest.

Control Your Smart Home

Do the laundry when the power is greenest. Start the dishwasher when the power is cheapest. All without lifting a finger. With True Energy, you can control your Smart Home devices. Saving you time, money and CO2 emissions.

Balance the Grid

Increasing electricity demand calls for new ways of thinking. With True Energy, you can help balance the electricity grid and lower the need for fossil fuels and new power lines. We call it the Big Battery.

As easy as..

1. Download the app

It’s free, easy to use and available for both Android and IOS

2. Create user

Create a user and register your electric car and smart home devices.

3. Create a plan

Create a charging plan for your car and a plan for your appliances and make your electricity comsumption as cheap and climate friendly as possible.

4. Relax and enjoy

Sleep in, cook a tasty dinner or play a game with your kids and enjoy the freedom and flexibility True Energy provides.

Why True Energy?

Save CO2

You can do a lot for the climate by using electricity when it is green. For example when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. True Energy keeps an eye on the electricity’s CO2 emissions for you, so you can use electricity from renewable energy sources automatically.

Save Money

Electricity prices vary due to wind, weather and demand. With the True Energy app you can charge your electric car or start your washing machine when electricity prices are lowest. Fully automatic and without having to keep track of the prices yourself.

Balance the Power grid

Power cannot be stored. It must be used as soon as it is produced. When you charge your car with the True Energy app, you help balance the grid. This means that we can use the power that nature provides, reduce the need for fossil power plants and avoid overloading the electricity grid. We call it the Big Battery.

Make it Smart and Easy

You only need to set up your electric car and you smart appliances in the app once. From then, True Energy will arrange your electricity consumption according to your wishes. You can change the details for your consumption as often as you like.

Need Help?

Do you have questions about the app? Do you need help to get started? Or do you want collaborate? Please contact us! We would love to hear from you!