How does it work?

True Managed API facilitates the exchanges of data between your backend and our backend and enables you to offer your customers a sophisticated charging experience from your app as if it was your own. 

With True Managed API, you can offer your own smart charge as part of an already existing solution – or build a brand new one. True Energy maintains the Managed API, and you will therefore always have access to updated code and the newest functionality.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to offer their customers or users an advanced smart charge solution.

You can benefit from the True Managed API if: 

  • You already have an app where customers can check electricity prices and electricity consumption. Add the option of smart charging, so that users can charge when electricity is cheapest – or greenest and benefit from advanced settings like safety distance and precondition of their EV.
  • You are a charge box or car manufacturer who may already offer scheduled charging through your own app but would like to offer more sophisticated smart charge functionality. 
  • You are a car reseller, car dealer or charge box installer and would like to differentiate from other vendors in the market by offering the most advanced smart charge in the market in your own app.
  • You would like a greener profile and help facilitate balancing the grid by offering flexibility – and at the same time earn money for both you and your customers.

What are the benefits?

You save time and resources, as you don’t need to code from scratch. 

Enjoy the advantage of our sophisticated functionality and complex processes and add value to your own app by offering advanced smart charge functions – quick and easy. You will have happy customers who save money – CO2 emission – and that help balance the grid at the same time – a true win-win situation.

In short, using our True Managed API will let you keep up with technological development, without your own developers having to spend time on maintaining code and developing new functionality – instead we make sure of that on an ongoing basis and will keep you informed about changes and new development.

How to use it?

Integrate your own mobile application backend with True Managed API backend and provide your customers with the most sophisticated smart charge functionality in the market. Simple and easy.

And you will have full control over your customers’ accounts through the Managed API.

How to get started?

Contact us already today for an initial meeting where we discuss your needs and the scope of your project. Depending on your situation you can be up and running in 1-2 months.

All documentation is found in OpenAPI (sometimes referred to with the former  name “Swagger”) along with a list of the fields that can be exposed in your application.

API areas

True Managed API is split into different areas:

  • Account
  • Chargers (Easee, Charge Amps, Etrel, EV box and Go-e)
  • Charge Rules (safety distance, precondition, holiday mode and much more)
  • Cars (Tesla, VW, Skoda and Audi – BMW, Kia, Hyundai and more to be added in 2023)
  • Feeds
  • Explorer (Electricity prices and/or CO2 levels as well as charging history)
  • Big Battery (flexibility)

Questions & Answers

Can we try the Managed API before we buy?

You cannot try the API before you buy, but you can sneak peak and get an understanding of how it works if you download the True Energy app

How fast and easy is the integration to the Managed API?

We can set you up and grant you access within one month, but this of course depends on level of development

In which countries is the Managed API supported?

Worldwide, depending on electricity price structure…

What does your Managed API cost?

The price of the True Managed API depends on the number of potential users – please get in contact with our Sales department

What methods of charging controls are supported?

Smart charging, boost charging and manual charging

Which cars and chargers are supported by the Managed API?

Cars, currently: Tesla, VW ID3/4/5, Skoda and Audi (9 more car brands to be added in 2023). Chargers: Etrel Home and Pro, Easee Home, EVbox, Go-e (before 2020), Charge Amps Halo and Aura. Please note integration is subject to change depending on changes in OEM’s interfaces or solutions.

Do you have any examples of your Managed API in a “real” implementation – a customer case?

We have the True Energy app that contains all the available features and functionality.

hat other benefits does your Managed API provide?   

True Smart Charge is the most sophisticated smart charging algorithm logic in the market, supporting start/stop (pause), safety distance, holiday mode, precondition and much more. In Denmark we offer a CO2 index in addition.