True Smart Charge is intelligent and automated electric vehicle (EV) charging when electricity is cheapest and most climate friendly.

Works for all electric cars and independently of your utility.

You save time, money, and CO2.


? Automatic: Charge when electricity is cheapest or most climate-friendly. Without having to do anything.

? Intelligent: True Smart Charge continually optimises your charging and monitors electricity prices and CO2 emissions.

? Tailored: Match your charging to your values and needs.

? Balance: With True Smart Charge, your car charges when energy grid capacity is high. Without having to change anything, you help balance our shared energy grid.

? Freedom: You can use True Smart Charge no matter what electric car or energy utility you use.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Add your car to the True Energy app. True Energy automatically connects to your charge box when you plug in your vehicle.

Create a charge rule. Set the ready time, charge level, and if you want to charge as cheaply or environmentally friendly as possible. You can also set a minimum charge level to charge to as soon as the car is plugged in, so you always have enough power for a trip to the supermarket.

Enjoy your freedom. Lean back and enjoy the flexibility and savings provided by True Smart Charge.

Your Charge, Your Rules

With True Energy’s True Smart Charge, you can tailor your charging to match your needs and values.

Save money

When you want to charge with the cheapest possible electricity, we use the current electricity price data. The electricity prices vary daily and even hourly. The price is often highest when demand is highest. True Smart Charge times your charging to coincide with the lowest demand and price. For example, ensuring that your car automatically charges between 3 am and 5 am.

Save CO2

When you want to lower CO2 emissions, vi use electricity data to identify when as much electricity as possible comes from renewable energy sources such as windmills. Based on this data, True Smart Charge ensures that your charge automatically coincides with times when the CO2 costs of energy production are at their lowest.

Making a Big Difference With Little Effort

When you charge using True Smart Charge, you help create balance in the energy grid.

A balanced grid saves our climate, lowers CO2 emissions, and negates the need for expensive grid extension projects.

When many of us simultaneously charge our cars, start washing machines and watch TV, our combined electricity use can outstrip production.

This puts extra pressure on our energy grid, and extra, fossil-fuelled power plants are brought online to ensure everyone has enough electricity.

True Energy helps create balance in the grid by charging your electric car when there is enough capacity and by momentarily interrupting charging if it comes under extra pressure.

The charge interruptions seldomly last more than a couple of minutes, and you will not notice them at all.

Simultaneously, you are helping both our climate and the energy grid.


You find the app by searching for True Energy in your preferred app store or clicking the button below. The app is free to download and works with both iPhone and Android.

You can freely choose between light and dark modes, and the app’s language settings are controlled through your phone’s settings.

Furthermore, you can activate widgets that show the current electricity prices and the status of your Smart Charge session without needing to open the app.