Senior E-mobility Engineer for Green-Tech Scale-up

Are you familiar with the terms OCPP, OICP, OCPI, eMPS, CPO? We have the solution; you bring it to EVs!

Do You Have Green Bones?

We do not know if our bones are physically green, but our mission certainly is: to offer the best software solutions for the biggest challenges facing the transition to EVs and renewable energy with our True Smart Charge functionality. As a member of our development team, your tasks will include leading the effort to bring True Smart Charge into all charge points, thereby helping shape True Energy’s charging network.

Become an integral part of our international team of electric car, automation and smart grid experts, based in four European countries. Grow and develop the foundation for the energy grid of the future while supporting our joint, green transition. All while developing your professional skill set in an organisation that prides itself on giving team members responsibility and room to grow. 

Welcome to True Energy

You will be part of a close-knit team of 11 backend developers, 4 frontend developers, a project manager and a Tech Leader. As a software engineer, you will be responsible for building out and implementing next-level functionality. 

True Energy has ambitions. We see our solutions as capable of helping to change our entire electricity system. Wind turbines and photovoltaic panels are excellent forms of energy production – they do not emit any CO2. But what do we do when no one is using the power? Our answer is our app. The True Energy app performs a wide array of functions, including automatic charging of electric cars when electricity is cheapest, or when the turbines spin or the sun is shining, and most production comes from renewable sources.

There is a huge potential in creating a smart grid, where the batteries of electric cars work together with the electricity grid, our heat pumps, underfloor heating and batteries in the home. This is the vision we are working on realising in Denmark and the rest of the world. Your job is to ensure that all EV owners can use our greener alternative. We offer EV charging both at home and on the road through roaming, together with a series of our partners.

Together with your skilled colleagues, you will be responsible for designing, developing and rolling out optimal solutions. In Scrum, Git flow and DevOps, it is you and the tech team who together create the solution from idea to implementation. You’ll be hands-on throughout the whole process, researching with, get inspired by and sparring with your colleagues and trying out your ideas.

Your work will be:

  • Develop our platform for eMSP and CPO using OCPP, OICP and OCPI.
  • Connect several charging boxes on our platform – e.g. Charge-amps, EV Box, Easee etc.
  • Develop unique and valuable features for everyone involved in the operation of charge points. 
  • Build the very best UX that seamlessly makes it natural and easy to Smart Charge, and makes it easy to do roaming on the go.

Your skills:

  • E-mobility experience in at least one of: OCPP, OICP & OCPI protocols, eMPS & CPO platforms.
  • You are at home in Linux & in the cloud.
  • You know your way around PostgreSQL, Redis & Docker.
  • You have a DevOps mindset & an understanding of a good software development life cycle from clarifying requirements to monitoring live environments.
  • Your experience enables you to research and develop solutions as well as operate them yourself.
  • We really like solid software craftsmanship and, at the same time, an anti-dogmatic approach to good ideas, DDD, TDD, FP and similar abbreviations.
  • You have a strong sense of ownership of the effects of your work.
  • You can easily work in a remote-friendly environment.

You will get extra credit for:

  • Driving an electric car yourself, having solar cells on the roof, or any energy industry experience.
  • Experience with Python’s asynchronous ecosystem, including FastAPI & aiohttp.
  • Experience with time-series databases, Kubernetes with Helm & event buses.
  • Courage to take responsibility.
  • A knack for orchestrating work in a development team.
  • Anything we have not even considered, but you know we will love!

Where and how

We are based in Hørsholm, Denmark, but working remotely is common for most of us.

We think salary and terms of employment are attractive – the work area is also really exciting!


Send your application to

For questions, contact Łukasz Dudek or phone +48663361144

We regularly invite candidates for interviews, so apply for the position as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


About True Energy

True Energy is a tech company based in Denmark. We have developed an app and platform that integrates with electric cars so that customers can automatically charge their electric car when the electricity is climate-friendly produced and cheapest. Via our Energy Management System, we also connect the electric cars together in a giant virtual battery, which is part of the balancing power of the Danish electricity grid and thus pushes the total Danish electricity consumption in a greener direction.

We provide our solutions for an international selection of electricity companies and dealers.