10 Tips and Tricks for Embracing EV Winter Holidays

With the proper preparation electric vehicles (EVs) and winter holidays go hand in hand. Make your EV winter holidays, even going on ski trips, to a proverbial walk in the park with our tips and tricks.

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For many EV owners, this season marks an opportunity for road trips to snowy destinations like ski resorts. While the slopes beckon, winter conditions do mean unique EV challenges.

Figuring out the best way to deal with issues like reduced range due to colder weather and potential traffic delays starts with our ten essential tips and tricks. Read on to ensure your EV winter holiday and journey experiences are as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

A line of cars on a winter road covered in snow.

1: Ensure a good start to your EV winter holidays

Start your journey with a fully charged EV. This gets you well underway on the initial leg of the trip and maximises your range in wintry conditions. True Energy’s app is the perfect way to ensure you leave home with optimal battery charge. Remember, you can put the app into holiday mode with a few clicks before leaving. Also, ensure that your car and tires are in optimal shape for the journey.

2: Have the route ready

Map out your journey in advance, considering the optimal route. Use solutions that inform you about charging stations along the way and real-time charger availability. Make sure you have the essentials like your passport, driving licence, credit card, and charge cards with you. Consider if there are ways to avoid the heaviest traffic, especially on weekends when highways to popular destinations like ski resorts can get congested.

3: Figure out the charging infrastructure

Make sure you have the necessary charging cards, equipment, and apps for your trip. Even if you drive a Tesla, preparing to potentially use other charging networks is a good idea. Bring warm clothes in the car and extra blankets for waiting while charging if you are going to colder areas. Check whether your destination has a charging facility and what sockets they have.

4: Pack smart

Accessories like roof boxes can significantly lower your range per charge due to increased wind resistance. If you need the extra space, a trailer might be the way to go (if your car has a towbar) to minimise the range effect.

5: Manage the heat

Heating your car can lower the range dramatically in cold weather. One trick is to use the heated seat and steering wheel functions instead of the cabin heater to conserve energy. Also, preheating the car while charging can help maintain a comfortable temperature without draining the battery.

6: Drive smoothly

A gentle driving style without too many accelerations helps conserve battery power. Using the EV’s eco mode can also make for a more energy-efficient journey. Another factor, especially in mountainous terrain, is making the most of regenerative braking. This ensures that the car automatically brakes where it can to charge the battery.

7: Tire checks and choices

We have previously written an article about choosing the right winter tires for your EV. To reiterate, ensure your tires are in good condition and correctly inflated. Soft tires can significantly impact your range. Also, winter tires are a great way to provide the best possible traction and safety during winter trips. They may also be a requirement in some areas.

8: Be mindful of weather and traffic

Preparing for the trip includes knowing what conditions you will likely encounter. Check the weather forecast. Traffic will have a big say on your range, and travelling during off-peak hours can help you avoid traffic jams and long waits at charging stations. If possible, you may want to consider driving at night.

9: Stay entertained and cosy

At True Energy, we support the “ladehygge” concept (loosely translates into charging cosiness). The Danish concept of hygge is hard to translate. It is about having a good time, enjoying the company you are in and being cosy. For example, making a charging stop more enjoyable with entertainment or a snack. For the car, it can be having books, games, or movies to keep you entertained.

10: Enjoy it

As we discuss in a separate article on our blog, EV owners may feel anxious about taking their vehicle on a long trip in winter. However, with the right preparation, taking your EV on a winter holiday is possible and can add to the enjoyment of your trip. What better way to enjoy the silent, wintry landscapes than in an equally quiet, climate-friendly vehicle?

So, pack your bags, charge up, and prepare for a memorable and eco-friendly winter getaway!