Advanced EV charging at your fingertips

Advanced smart charging made simple, helping you be climate-friendly and cost-effective


Charge when energy production has the lowest climate impact.


Time charging to coincide with the lower energy prices.


Set your preferences in the app. We take care of the rest.


The app’s features optimise charging based on the latest data.

Earning potential

Get the opportunity to earn rebates and rewards with your utility.


Dedicated support to help you get even more out of our solutions.

The True Energy App: Your EV's new best friend

Get the most out of your EV with True Energy’s app and advanced smart charge capabilites:

Download the True Energy App today and take advantage of all its features. It's free.

As easy as one, two, three

Download the app, enter your details, set a charging rule – and you’re ready to go.

One app, many benefits

Smarter, greener and cheaper energy with the True Energy App. 

Control EVs

Make EV charging easy and automatic with our industry-leading advanced smart charge.

Optimise your home

Control and time energy use for more than 600 units, including washers and dryers.

Use more of your power

Proactive use of energy from your solar panels when production is high.

Save money and CO2

Automatically use electricity that reduces your costs and your carbon footprint.

Earn money or rebates

Participate in energy schemes and earn energy rebates or payments.

Gain energy superpowers

Become an active part of the energy grid and help support the green transition.

How does it work?

The production and use of energy varies constantly. By automating and being able to start, stop and restart EV charging, we support renewables and the energy grid.

What do I do?

All you have to do is create a charge plan and opt in in the True Energy app. Then your vehicle becomes part of a sustainable charging network, and you might be eligible for rebates or earnings.

By using our advanced smart charge, your EV helps in two ways:

1: You automatically charge when prices and/or CO2 footprint are lower. This lowers pressure on the grid and is called load balancing.
2: Your EV can automatically briefly stop and then restart charging (often its a few seconds). This helps when energy use suddenly spikes and is called peak load shaving.

What are the rebates and earnings?

By supporting the energy grid with your EV, you may be eligible for energy rebates or direct earnings. This will depend on your energy provider. Please contact them for details.

Become an energy superhero

True Energy’s industry-leading advanced smart charge makes you a champion of energy – without having to do anything.

Let your EV support the energy grid, and renewable energy – and potentially earn energy rebates or cash payments for you while it is standing still.