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Integrated utilities

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Island utilities

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True Energy’s benefits for your energy business include:

Increased flexibility

Provide more flexibility across energy production, distribution and use.

Innovation at speed

Integrate high-tech, advanced features directly into your existing portfolio.

Enhanced stability

provide greater stability to the energy grid and minimise disruptions.

Cost optimisation

Make the best possible use of existing infrastructure and solutions.

Load balancing

Incentivise customers to match their use to your production.

Demand response

Real-time insights to optimise frequency regulation. 

Scalability, flexibility

Tailored solutions that can match your needs today and in the future.

Renewables integration

Ease renewables integration and handle production fluctuations better.

EV activation

Make EVs work for you as active, supportive parts of the energy grid.


Tailored solutions for integrated utilities

True Energy offers solutions for renewables and EV integration that support grid optimisation and flexibility services.

We manage the complex needs of integrated utilities, ensuring reliability and efficiency.


Tap into all available resources

Take charge with advanced analytics and smart charge solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Future-proofing for energy grids and energy distribution

True Energy’s targeted DSO solutions improve grid management, energy distribution and turn renewable energy and EVs into core assets.


Island utilities: Stay ahead of the curve

True Energy provides specialised solutions for island utilities, addressing their unique challenges, including energy storage, load balancing, and grid structure.

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Powering energy excellence globally

True Energy’s mission is to support the future of energy. We partner with leading, forward-looking energy utilities to support the green transition. True Energy is part of the Landis + Gyr group with a presence in over 30 countries and a team of 7,800 employees, driving innovation alongside Google as a Smart Infrastructure Partner.