Drive your EV fleet future

Cost-effective, intelligent EV fleet planning, deployment and management with True Energy.

For all EV fleets

Take charge with advanced, software-based, holistic solutions and advanced smart charge to enhance operational efficiency.



Light duty 

One-stop EV fleet planning, launch, and management

True Energy’s EV fleet management solution covers all parts of planning, roll-out, and operations.


Your electrification partner

True Energy makes it easy to go electric and optimise the positive impacts of EV bus fleets.

Financial security

Manage budgets and integrate and expand your EV bus fleet with our cost-effective, intuitive platform.

Holistic approach

One platform for all stages of EV bus operations, from initial depot design to operational and charge optimisation.


Handle anything from a few EV busses to entire city fleets with our scalable solutions and platform.

Digital operations

Optimise all aspects of EV bus operations with real-time data, analysis, planning and optimisation tools.

Intuitive planning

Streamline EV fleet planning and operations with a cost-effective, intuitive platform.

Full coverage

Cover all aspects of EV fleets, such as depot design, grid integration, and charge optimisation.

Control charging

Set charging limits and schedules and guarantee that your fleet is always ready to go.


Our solutions scale seamlessly to match the needs of any EV fleet size.


Optimise commercial EV fleet operations

Industry-leading planning, deployment and operation of commercial EV fleets of all sizes.


Cut costs going green.

The easiest way to zero-emissions and lower transportation costs.


Streamline EV fleet planning and operations with a cost-effective, intuitive platform.

Tailor charging

Match EV charging with your exact needs and preferences and ensure all vehicles are ready when needed.

Optimise deployment

Get insights and plans for all aspects of EV fleets, include charging equipment, grid integration, and charge optimisation.

Grow seamlessly

Scale our solutions with your needs, from one or two EVs to full, industrial-size EV fleets.

Optimal EV fleet management in four simple steps.


Intuitive, easy tools for all stages of EV fleet planning.


Tailor your EV fleet setup to your current and future needs.


Launch and expand your EV fleet with our software package.


Optimise operations via simple interfaces and real-time data.

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