Advanced smart charge for a sustainable world

Revolutionising EV charging for EV owners and energy companies.

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Advanced charging that’s better for the climate, the grid, and your wallet

Intelligent, economical, and eco-conscious EV charging for a greener tomorrow.


Optimise charging based on continually updated energy data.


Users just set charging preferences. We take care of the rest.


Time charging to coincide with the lowest energy prices.


Charge when energy production is most climate-friendly.

Grid support

Support the energy grid by providing flexibility and load balancing.


Rapid innovation and upgrades to existing energy management solutions.


Easily integrate advanced smart changing into your existing setup.


Intelligent grid optimisation

True Energy’s advanced smart charge makes EVs a core asset for load balancing and frequency regulation

Grid Stability

Make EVs a core grid asset with a tested plug-and-play solution that makes energy more cost-effective.

Load balancing

Mitigate network risks through smart grid flexibility and rapid response to peak load demand changes.

Renewable integration

Optimise energy consumption and move it towards renewable energy peaks.

Customer engagement

Empower users and increase customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement.

Cost savings

Save on charging costs by charging during off-peak hours when energy prices are lower.


Easy setup and set-and-forget functionality with our automated charging schedules.


Support the environment and green transition with eco-friendly charging.


True Energy constantly monitors electricity production and optimises charging accordingly.

Battery health

Charging that extends the life of your EV's battery by maintaining optimal charge levels.

Real-time monitoring

Track your charging progress and energy usage in real-time.


Get the opportunity to take part in new earning and engagement opportunities.


Maximise savings with advanced smart charge

Fully automated charging when energy costs are at their lowest and the climate impact is minimal.

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How True Energy’s advanced smart charge works:

Stage 1

Choose how to optimise charging for the lowest prices or the most climate-friendly, and when to charge.

Stage 2

True Energy uses energy data to match charging with user preferences, dynamically avoiding peak times.

Stage 3

Smart charge can automatically stop and re-start charging to get the best possible outcomes for you – and the energy grid.

Stage 4

With our advanced smart charge, EVs are ready and charged according to your preference and ready to go when you are.

Why our advanced smart charge is different.

The price and production of energy varies from hour to hour. 

With True Energy’s advanced smart charge, you can decide to charge your EV when prices are low or when most energy comes from renewable sources. 

Our systems then automatically pick the optimal times to charge. 

Instead of charging at 10 pm, stopping an hour later, then starting again at 2 am, etc, you can sleep and wake up to a charged EV.

Save money with advanced smart charge

With True Energy’s advanced smart charge, you get more than a fully prepped EV; you get an intelligent, effortless way to save money and support our planet.

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