Solve shifting energy needs

Improve grid stability with True Energy’s frequency regulation solutions.

Adding stability to the energy grid

True Energy’s solutions make EVs an active frequency regulation asset.


Add EV charging insights to your frequency data.


Use EVs for frequency regulation and stability.


Manage energy assets like EVs to regulate grid frequency.


Automatically stop and start energy assets to stabilise frequency.

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Improve, augment, secure

Frequency regulation solutions to future-proof your grid.

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Grid reliability

Improve grid stability and resilience and mitigate network risks through intelligent grid flexibility and response to demand changes.

Energy efficiency

Minimise reliance on backup power generators with tested, plug-and-play solutions that makes energy more cost-effective.

Renewables integration

Enhance your ability to integrate renewable energy sources and optimise consumption towards renewable energy peaks.


Equip the grid and your operations for the future of energy and unleash the full potential of EVs and renewables as grid assets.

Customer engagement

Empower energy users and improve customer acquisition and retention with incentives to participate in frequency regulation.