Every step of EV fleet management

The easiest, most cost-effective solution for EV planning, deployment and management

For all EV fleets 

True Energy’s EV fleet management solutions fit any type and size of EV fleet. 
We provide a tailored, scalable platform for all your current and coming EV fleet management needs. 


Read about our solutions for different EV fleets below. 


Your electrification partner for busses

True Energy makes going electric easier than ever for EV bus fleets.

Financial security

Control budgets and seamlessly integrate and expand EV bus operations with a user-friendly and cost-efficient platform.

Holistic approach

Utilize one platform for every phase of EV bus design and operations, starting from depot design, all the way to operation and charging optimisation.


Manage everything from a few EV buses to entire city fleets with our scalable solutions and operations platform.

Digital operations

Optimise all facets of EV bus operations utilising real-time data, analysis, planning, and optimisation tools.


Simplify and tailor EV fleet planning and operations using our cost-effective, user-friendly platform.

Full coverage

Take a holistic approach to all EV fleet aspects, from depot design to grid integration and charge optimisation.

Control charging

Set up automatic, intelligent charging parameters and schedules that ensure full fleet readiness at all times.


Our solutions adapt to meet the demands of all types of EV fleets from a few vehicles to large-scale industrial operations.


Optimise commercial EV fleet operations

Industry-leading planning, deployment and operation of commercial EV fleets of all sizes.


Cut costs going green

The easiest way to zero-emissions and lower transportation costs.

Intuitive planning

Discover your optimal EV investment strategy with our affordable, user-friendly platform by inputting basic details.

Optimise deployment

Get comprehensive insights and strategies for all EV fleet components, covering charging infrastructure, grid integration, and optimisation.

Tailor charging

Tailor EV charging to your specific requirements, situation and preferences, ensuring vehicles are always ready for use.

Grow seamlessly

Scale seamlessly with our flexible solutions. We fine-tune the deployment and operation of anything from a few EVs to industrial-size fleets.

Tailored solutions for your fleet

Get a personalised consultation about True Energy’s solutions and how they meet your unique EV fleet needs.

Cut costs, not corners

True Energy’s high-quality solution covers all stages of EV fleet management.

Streamline EV fleet and depot planning with our simple, easy-to-use tools.

Roll out EV fleets of all sizes with full software and hardware support.

Continuous optimisation of EV charging and use to improve cost-efficiency.