What is Grid Flexibility?

Image illustrating grid flexibility

The energy ecosystem is undergoing dramatic change. Grid flexibility is a crucial component for navigating energy systems’ evolution. New solutions and technologies, like managed EV charging, provide crucial upgrades and lead to new opportunities for energy companies. Share on Grid flexibility is evolving and gaining more importance Energy companies and consumers can leverage grid flexibility […]

Top Ten Energy Sources for a Sustainable Future

Top ten energy sources for the future

From solar power to fusion energy, discover what lies ahead. Explore the energy forms that will define our energy landscape. Share on Several energy forms are poised to define the future for energy companies and consumers. See a top ten of the energy forms of the future. Learn more about what the future energy mix […]

Our Great-Grandparents’ Dreams About Energy and Transport Today

Futuristic imagination of energy and transportation

Whale buses might not be a thing, but past generations’ predictions for energy and transportation in the 21st century are uncannily close on some points. Share on Past generations have a strong track record with energy and transportation predictions. See predictions from the 1900s, 1920s-1930s, and 1950s. The predictions can serve as inspiration for charting […]

Utilities: Preparing Energy Grids for Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle and parts of the energy grid

How to prepare the energy grid for electric vehicles can be a puzzle for energy companies and utilities. As EVs are set for explosive growth, preparations should start as early as possible. Share on Rapid EV growth demands early action from utilities. Innovative energy and EV management solutions can help future-proof the grid. Advanced smart […]

What Happens When an EV “Dies”?

Image of a car that is slowly being swallowed and recycled by nature.

How much of an EV is recyclable today – and in the future? Read on to learn more about the current and future state of recycling EVs. Share on Recycling EVs is challenging The technology is evolving rapidly Future EVs may be built as fully recyclable   Even when your EV has driven its last […]

SEV Webinar

True Energy’s solutions play a central part in how the Faroe Islands activate EVs in their move toward carbon neutral energy production by 2030. Learn much more in our webinar – and check out the video below. Share on Key takeaways The utility SEV and the Faroe Islands showcase initiatives that point to the future […]

What is climate-friendly electricity?

Supporting the green transition and promoting climate-friendly electricity happens automatically when using True Energy’s solutions. you are supporting the green transition of energy use and the electricity grid in two ways: By buying certified energy from renewable energy sources and by using electricity when its production is as environmentally friendly as possible.  Share on Electricity […]

Why You Still Pay for Negative Electricity Prices

Even with negative electricity prices, you end up having to pay for electricity – a situation that is partially due to the energy grid’s structure. True Energy provides you with the best possible starting point for minimising your electricity costs and carbon footprint – no matter what the electricity prices are like. Share on In True Energy’s […]

Prosumers and Energy: How Active Comsumers will Decide the Future of Energy Use

More and more solar panels and wind turbines are appearing on private rooftops and in backyards. They often belong to a consumer segment that will play a crucial role in the future of electricy production and use. The so-called prosumers and energy will be joined at the hip. Share on To watch the grass grow, […]

Why Energy Utilities Are Offering You More Options

Energy utilities are offering new bundles of services and solutions. For customers, the developments hold great promise – especially if you can find a way to control the many unique services centrally.  Share on Your fridge, washing machine, solar panels and car are all coming online. Controlling them involves smart metres, the Internet of Things […]