Landis+Gyr and True Energy Announce Collaborative Visit to the Faroe Islands

Landis+Gyr and True Energy, a Landis+Gyr Company, have announced a collaborative visit to the Faroe Islands. The trip marks a significant step in the islands’ grid modernization and transportation electrification journey and projects.

Shishir Shekhar, Landis+Gyr’s Global Head of Innovation and Technology Strategy, will be accompanied by True Energy’s CEO Charlotte Sand, CCO René Frederiksen and Project Manager Henrik Bech The visit, taking place on the 14th and 15th of November, 2023, is centred on the ongoing and potential projects and collaboration between the two companies and the Faroe Islands.

This visit emphasizes the shared belief in the vast potential of next-generation grid management and EV charging technologies, including DER flexibility and EV fleet charging management.

“Our visit signifies a shared vision of unlocking the unprecedented potential in next-gen grid management and EV charging technologies. By uniting our innovative forces, we aim to redefine the future of energy and mobility,” Shishir Shekhar said.

The Faroe Islands’ electrification and digitization efforts are progressing rapidly. Similarly, EV numbers are growing.

While providing economic and climate-related benefits, the transition presents certain challenges, such as smart charge enablement, DER management and grid infrastructure management. The Faroe Islands, Landis+Gyr work actively to address these challenges, including through the development of efficient, digital solutions for the future of energy and mobility.

“Our collaboration will revolutionise the Faroe Islands’ energy infrastructure. Together, we aim to create a beacon for the future of intelligent electrification across all parts of societies, including transportation,” Charlotte Sand said.

Flexibility and the future of energy

Flexibility is a keyword, as the future of energy and mobility requires intelligent solutions designed for adaptability, enabling the management of energy use and EV charging in harmony with grid conditions. This not only fosters financial savings and a reduction in carbon footprint but also provides consumers with valuable insights and options, enriching their journey towards sustainable energy utilization.

One example is Landis+Gyr’s focus on EV fleet charging management and energy management solutions, designed to plan and optimize EV fleets of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Such solutions enable companies to reduce energy costs and ensure reliable charging operations. They will play a crucial role in ensuring the grid can handle the increased demand from EVs. Similarly, True Energy offers residential smart charge solutions that make EV charging intelligent and automated and improves grid reliability.

The trip will also explore other ways to optimize DERs on the island, such as Wind, Solar, and Storage along with electric vehicles and delve into the challenges faced by energy companies and grid operators in the electrification process.