Ten Energy-saving Spring-cleaning Tips for Your EV and Home

Save energy and money with our list of spring-cleaning tips for your EV (electric vehicle) and house.

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Spring cleaning tips for your EV?

Does my electric vehicle need a spring cleaning? And what is the connection between spring-cleaning my home and EV and energy savings?

The short answer is that following our True Energy spring-cleaning checklist can save energy and money.

Dive into our top five energy-saving spring cleaning tips for your EV and top five tips for your home to learn more!

Energy-saving spring cleaning tips for your EV

1: Optimise your charging

The easiest way to save energy is to “spring clean” your EV charging. You want to change when energy prices are lower, which often coincides with when most energy comes from renewable sources. As we have explored elsewhere, these times change with the seasons, so your charging schedule may have to be changed. Alternatively, you can use advanced smart charging to ensure that charging is automatically optimised.

2: Check and adjust your tyres and brakes

The coming of spring is an excellent opportunity to clean the tyres and brakes. It is also a good time to check what damage wintry conditions and winter-worn roads may have caused. Also, you may need to adjust tyre pressure for warmer weather. Also, check the tyre alignment and the overall state of your brakes. All these actions can help make your car more energy-efficient.

3: Clean out your trunk and cabin

For most of us, winter often means more stuff gets stored in the car’s trunk and cabin. Some of it is to help you through the wintry conditions. Other things have just accumulated over time. By cleaning out unnecessary stuff, you lighten the car and make it more energy-efficient.

4: Check the HVAC filters

Your EV’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) filter can clog up over time. Cleaning or replacing the filter can help the system operate more efficiently and conserve energy.

5: Wash your car

Washing and polishing your EV can help extend its range by improving its aerodynamics. A clean and smooth surface allows air to flow more freely around it, reducing drag. This reduction helps the car move more smoothly and efficiently, saving battery power—especially at higher speeds.

Energy-saving spring cleaning tips for your home

1: Invest in a smart meter

If you haven’t already done so, clean your old energy meter and install a smart one.

Smart meters provide real-time information on your energy usage, allowing you to make informed decisions about your energy consumption. Additionally, many utility companies offer programs and tools that work with smart meters to optimise your energy savings further.

2: Clean the refrigerator

Dust and dirt on your refrigerator’s coils make it harder work to keep things cool. Cleaning the coils helps improve efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

3: Dust off your appliances

Keeping appliances and heaters dust-free helps their motors and systems run more smoothly. It can decrease your energy bill and maintenance costs.

4: Optimise your lighting fixtures

Clear out inefficient lightbulbs and replace them with smart, energy-saving LED bulbs. If you already have LED lighting installed, make sure it’s clean so you’re getting the maximum light possible. Consider adding sensors and dimmers that turn off lights in empty rooms, which will also save you money.

5:  Adjust water heater settings

If you have the option, lower the temperature on your water heater. This can help you save money on heating and reduce the amount of energy used.