What’s your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

We asked the ChatGPT and Midjourney AI systems to imagine what stereotypical owners of different electric vehicles do for a living, what they look like, and what you can get them for Christmas.

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As the holiday season revs up, so does the hunt for the perfect gifts. So, what will you get the electric vehicle owners you know?

To answer that question, we asked AI to stand at the intersection between EVs and festive cheer. 

For a fun exercise, we asked ChatGPT to imagine stereotypical EV owners of different car brands. We asked it to include what they looked like, where they lived and what they did for a living. We then used Midjourney to generate images based on the stereotypes. 

We also asked the ChatGPT AI to suggest Christmas presents for each EV owner. In each case, we asked AI to offer three EV-related gifts and one non-EV gift more associated with the stereotype’s personality.

In this article, we will reveal twenty-four car brands. It is meant as a jolly trip through the “mind” of AI. But who knows, you might find inspiration for gifts or recognise stereotypes from yourself or someone you know. 

So, buckle up and join us for a merry ride through AI’s imagination and holiday shopping list.

1st of December: Volkswagen EV owner

2nd of December: Mercedes EV owner

3rd of December: Xpeng EV owner

4th of December: Toyota EV owner

5th of December: Dacia EV owner

6th of December: Skoda EV owner

7th of December: Ford EV owner

7th of December: Ford EV owner

9th of December: Opel EV owner

10th of December: Polestar EV owner

11th of December: Rivian EV owner

12th of December: Audi EV owner

13th of December: Porsche EV owner

14th of December: Peugeot EV owner

15th of December: Jaguar EV owner

16th of December: Tesla EV owner

17th of December: Subaru EV owner

18th of December: BMW EV owner

19th of December: Fisker EV owner

20th of December: Cupra EV owner

21st of December: Lotus EV owner

22nd of December: Volvo EV owner

23rd of December: KIA EV owner

24th of December: Hyundai EV owner