Here is What AI Thinks EV Owners Look Like – And Should Have for Christmas

We asked the ChatGPT and Midjourney AI systems to imagine what stereotypical owners of different electric vehicles do for a living, what they look like, and what you can get them for Christmas.

As the holiday season revs up, so does the hunt for the perfect gifts. So, what will you get the electric vehicle owners you know? 

To answer that question, we asked AI to stand at the intersection between EVs and festive cheer. 

For a fun exercise, we asked ChatGPT to imagine stereotypical EV owners of different car brands. We asked it to include what they looked like, where they lived and what they did for a living. We then used Midjourney to generate images based on the stereotypes. 

We also asked the ChatGPT AI to suggest Christmas presents for each EV owner. In each case, we asked AI to offer three EV-related gifts and one non-EV gift more associated with the stereotype’s personality.

In this article, we will reveal twenty-four car brands. It is meant as a jolly trip through the “mind” of AI. But who knows, you might find inspiration for gifts or recognise stereotypes from yourself or someone you know. 

So, buckle up and join us for a merry ride through AI’s imagination and holiday shopping list.

1st of December:
Volkswagen EV owner 

VW owner imagined by AI.

  • Description: A family therapist in their late thirties. This person is warm and approachable, often wearing comfortable yet stylish clothes. They value the balance of practicality and comfort in their cosy, family-friendly neighbourhood and daily interactions.
  • EV Gifts: Compact car vacuum cleaner, Volkswagen EV-themed travel mug, foldable trunk organiser.
  • Peripheral Gift: Family board games for fun evenings.


2nd of December:
Mercedes EV owner 

Mercedes owner imagined by AI.

  • Description: A corporate lawyer in their late forties. Appearance is immaculate and confident. They have a penchant for designer labels and live in a luxurious, well-situated residence that mirrors their professional stature.
  • EV Gifts: Mercedes-Benz branded travel coffee set, luxury seat cover with massage function, high-end car fragrance system.
  • Peripheral Gift: A designer briefcase or handbag.


3rd of December:
Xpeng EV owner

Xpeng owner imagined by AI.

  • Description: A robotics engineer in their early thirties robotics. This person tends to be edgy and innovative. They have a futuristic look with cutting-edge clothing and live in a bright, contemporary home filled with the latest tech.
  • EV Gifts: Futuristic car HUD (Head-Up Display), advanced car security system, Xpeng model miniature.
  • Peripheral Gift: A subscription to a robotics magazine.

4th of December:
Toyota EV owner

Toyota owner imagined by AI.

  • Description: An environmental scientist in their mid-sixties. Their appearance and clothes communicate a wise and thoughtful person. They dress in practical yet comfortable clothing, indicative of a career in field research and academic settings. Their home is situated in a tranquil area close to natural reserves.
  • EV Gifts: Solar-powered EV charging station, eco-friendly car care kit, durable all-terrain floor mats.
  • Peripheral Gift: High-quality telescope.

5th of December:
Dacia EV owner

Dacia owner imagined by AI.

  • Description: A schoolteacher in their mid-forties, known for their practical and no-nonsense style. They prefer easy-to-maintain hairstyles and comfortable clothing, living in a modest, well-organised home that reflects their pragmatic approach to life.
  • EV Gifts: Budget-friendly dashcam, eco-friendly car wash kit, practical car storage solutions.
  • Peripheral Gift: A book on personal finance and budgeting.

6th of December:
Skoda EV owner

Skoda owner imagined by AI.

  • Description: A community organiser in their early forties. This is a person who is friendly and down-to-earth. They wear relaxed, family-friendly attire and live in a spacious family home, perfect for hosting community events.
  • EV Gifts: Family-sized picnic basket with car cooler, Skoda car care kit, backseat entertainment system for kids.
  • Peripheral Gift: Community gardening toolkit.


7th of December:
Ford EV owner

Description: A travel blogger in their early thirties. This is a person who is sporty and ready for adventure. They dress casually and are always eager to share their latest experiences from new destinations. Their environment is versatile, more than necessarily a home, and suited for both work and leisure.

EV Gifts: Off-road driving lights, durable waterproof car seat covers, portable car shower for outdoor adventures.

Peripheral Gift: A comprehensive travel guidebook.



8th of December:
Citroen EV owner

Description: A graphic artist in their late twenties graphic. This person wears clothing that mixes the quirky and the artistic. They often sport bold colours and unique hairstyles and live in a creatively decorated space as imaginative and colourful as their artwork.

EV Gifts: Artsy car decals, colourful LED interior car lights, funky steering wheel cover.

Peripheral Gift: A digital drawing tablet.


9th of December:
Opel EV owner

Description: An urban planner in their mid-thirties. Clothing choices tend toward the neat and professional. They dress in smart, functional attire and live in a streamlined, efficient home, similar to the city spaces they design.

EV Gifts: Opel-branded umbrella, efficient car boot organiser, sleek dashboard grip pad for devices.

Peripheral Gift: A book on urban design and planning.



10th of December:
Polestar EV owner

Description: An architect in their mid-thirties. They have a minimalist and modern mindset. They sport clean lines and neutral colours in both their clothing and their sustainable, contemporary home.

EV Gifts: Minimalist car organiser, eco-friendly car cleaning kit, Polestar sustainable merchandise.

Peripheral Gift: A modern piece of eco-friendly home decor.

11th of December:
Rivian EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: An outdoor guide in their mid-thirties. Some of the words that describe them are adventurous and robust. They wear practical outdoor gear and live in a home that is as comfortable as it is ready for the next adventure.

EV Gifts: Rivian portable kitchen, all-terrain tires, Rivian-branded camping gear.

Peripheral Gift: A comprehensive guide to off-grid living.


12th of December:
Audi EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI? EV Audi owner

Audi EV Owner

Description: A luxury real estate agent in their late thirties. Appearance here is polished and well-groomed as they showcase high-end properties in their stylish, high-quality attire. This person lives in a chic, well-appointed residence that reflects their professional success.

EV Gifts: Audi wireless charging cup, luxury car seat massager, high-end Audi-branded sunglasses.

Peripheral Gift: A set of premium golf clubs.


13th of December:
Porsche EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI? Porsche owner

Porsche EV Owner

Description: An entrepreneur in their early fifties. This person is unique, sophisticated, and meticulous. They wear elegant designer clothing and reside in an upscale, meticulously designed home, a testament to their achievements and taste.

EV Gifts: Porsche car care kit, custom-fit Porsche luggage set, elegant Porsche chronograph.

Peripheral Gift: A luxury watch winder.


14th of December:
Peugeot EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Peugeot EV Owner

Description: A gourmet chef in their mid-forties. This person has a sophisticated air and is often seen around the city in chic yet comfortable attire. They blend tradition and modernity in their cooking, mirroring the eclectic taste of their living space.

EV Gifts: Gourmet coffee machine for a car, Peugeot-branded travel cutlery set, luxury car fragrance diffuser.

Peripheral Gift: A set of exotic cooking spices.


15th of December:
Jaguar EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Jaguar EV Owner

Description: A gallery owner in their mid-fifties. Graceful and refined are some of the words that define this person. They curate collections with a blend of classic and modern flair, much like their elegant clothing choices and sophisticated home.

EV Gifts: Jaguar leather driving gloves, premium car cover, Jaguar-branded cufflinks.

Peripheral Gift: A membership to an exclusive art club.


16th of December:
Tesla EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: A tech start-up founder in their mid-thirties. They always wear sleek, minimalist attire. They have modern tastes and are enthusiastic about subjects like AI and renewable energy. Their urban apartment is as eco-friendly and cutting-edge as their conversations.

EV Gifts: Tesla wall connector for home charging, custom Tesla key fob cover, Tesla-branded all-weather floor mats.

Peripheral Gift: A book on renewable energy innovations.

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17th of December:
Subaru EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: An environmental scientist in their thirties. The person looks rugged and nature-loving. They wear practical outdoor clothing and live close to nature, dedicating their life to preserving the environment.

EV Gifts: All-weather car camping tent, Subaru adventure gear, car-mounted bike rack.

Peripheral Gift: National Parks annual pass.


18th of December:
BMW EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI? BMW EV owner

Description: A fashion designer in their early forties. This person is chic and trendsetting. They live in a stylish urban setting, their attire as tailored and sophisticated as the designs they create.

EV Gifts: BMW-branded driving jacket, advanced car detailing kit, BMW wireless charging station.

Peripheral Gift: A subscription to a high-fashion magazine.

19th of December:
Fisker EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI? Fisker EV car owner.

Description: A documentary filmmaker in their late forties. Their appearance mixed the cultured and distinctive. They favour avant-garde, unique fashion choices and live in an eco-conscious residence that reflects their commitment to environmental storytelling.

EV Gifts: Fisker solar car charger, luxury EV travel case, custom-made car mats.

Peripheral Gift: A high-quality camera for documentary filmmaking.

20th of December:
Cupra EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: A personal trainer in their late twenties. Their personality and appearance are athletic and dynamic. They dress in sporty chic attire and live in a trendy dwelling, embodying the energy and performance they bring to their training sessions.

EV Gifts: Sporty car seat covers, high-performance driving gloves, Cupra-branded water bottle.

Peripheral Gift: Fitness tracker.

21st of December:
Lotus EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: A race car driver in their thirties. Sleek and exhilarating are some of the words that define this person. They live in a dynamic setting, their athletic wear echoing their need for speed and performance.

EV Gifts: High-performance driving course, Lotus car model, racing-inspired car seat covers.

Peripheral Gift: A set of professional racing gloves.


22nd of December:
Volvo EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: A doctor in their early fifties. They radiate calm and elegance and dress in classic, high-quality fashion. They drive their Volvo with the same care and attention they give their patients. Their residence is secure, tastefully designed, and as dependable as they are.

EV Gifts: Advanced child safety seat, Volvo-branded elegant car coasters, premium car cleaning kit.

Peripheral Gift: A set of high-end childproof home safety gadgets.


23rd of December:
KIA EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: A budding, bubbly interior designer in their late thirties. Their choice of clothing favours the vibrant and stylish. They live in an urban or suburban setting that reflects a blend of comfort and style, much like their smart-casual attire and trendsetting accessories.

EV Gifts: Stylish Kia seat covers, high-tech car air purifier, Kia-themed keychain.

Peripheral Gift: Home decor gift card for their design projects.


24th of December:
Hyundai EV owner

What's your perfect Christmas gift according to AI?

Description: A tech-savvy app developer in their early thirties. They sport trendy glasses and a smartwatch and have a collection of tech-themed t-shirts. They love integrating their vehicle with the latest smart home tech and are often found tinkering with gadgets in their suburban smart home.

EV Gifts: Wireless phone charging pad for the car, smart tire pressure monitoring system, custom-fit car seat covers.

Peripheral Gift: Subscription to a smart home technology magazine.