Constantly Growing 
Number of Charge Boxes

True Energy’s app supports many of the most popular charge boxes for charging electric vehicles. Currently, you can use the app with online charge boxes from:

  • Charge Amps
  • Easee
  • EVBox
  • Etrel
  • Go-E

We are constantly adding integration to new charge boxes. Contact us if your charge box is not on the list. We will add it as quickly as possible.

Understanding Charge Boxes

If you are thinking of investing in a charge box, our blog post on the subject is a good starting point. The article covers areas like design, charging speed and price.

Let Us Help Each Other

If you are a charge box producer and want to work with True Energy, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about how we can help each other develop innovative solutions.

Charge Box Questions 

If you have questions about a specific charge box, our services, creating a connection between True Energy’s app and your electric vehicle – or anything else – we are standing by to help you.

Visit out support page for more information