With True Energy

The price of electricity fluctuates hour by hour. At the same time, there are some times of the day when power is mainly produced by renewable energy sources and other times when is mostly comes from gas and diesel power plants. The True Energy App controls the charge of your car, so you charge most at times when electricity is the cheapest and/or most climate-friendly. We call it SmartCharge. You choose whether you want to prioritise the lowest price or the most climate-friendly charging. Fortunately, the two often coincide, giving you both benefits at the same time.

SmartCharge – Cheapest

When you set SmartCharg to cheapest, we take advantage of the fact that the price of electricity varies around the clock. The price depends on supply and demand, which is why the price is high when everyone simultaneously needs power. In the so-called “cooking tip” between 17 and 20 everyone cooks, washes clothes and uses the dishwasher, and therefore the electricity price is typically high at this time.

SmartCharge – Most Climate-friendly

When you set SmartCharge to most climate-friendly, we access data about the projected energy use and production for the coming 24 hour-period. Data analysis shows when the highest percentage of electricity production will come from renewable energy sources, and we time your charging to coincide with these periods.

Automatic, Flexible
Charge Planning

Optimise your charging for ready time, lower CO2-emissions or cheapest price. Through True Energy’s App, you can make your charging match your exact needs and wishes. For example, you can set how much the battery should be charged, or for a minimum driving distance. Based on your preferences, True Energy will automate the charging of your car.

Ready to Go

True Energy can control the charging so that your EV is always ready and charged when you need it. We can also automate tasks like heating of the EV cabin. In winter it is extra nice to be able to get into a preheated car, and a warm battery gives longer drive radius and battery life.

Keep Options Open

Through the True Energy app, you can always follow the charging status and the planned charging. You can always discontinue charging, stop or alter charging plans or simply charge your EV by plugging it into the charge box.

The App Optimises
Charging For You

Instead of having to monitor the changing power prices continually, the True Energy App automatically does it for you. Simply choose how much the battery will charge and when the car should be ready. The app measures when you plug in the charging cable, how fast the car is charging and then calculates your optimal charging schedule. The charging schedule is updated every 5 minutes to always reflect your current situation. You can always track the car’s charge through the app.

How much money can you save?
The app lets you keep track of how much you save with SmartCharge. The amount is calculated as the difference between a normal charge and the SmartCharge charging plan.

It Pays to Choose
The Night

Power is often cheap at night because demand here is lower. Over the weekend, the price fluctuates even more. And if it blows much, then the electricity price drops significantly. In some cases, you can get money to use electricity because production is too high, and the electricity grid needs to get rid of it. In winter, power can be more expensive – in part because less hydropower is produced in Sweden and Norway, which connects to parts of the Danish electricity.

In other words, pricing is a complex area that depends on many different things. However, it generally pays to choose the night – although getting up at 3 AM to use cheaper electricity is going to be a struggle. Thankfully, that is where our automation services really come into their own.

Example: Saving
With SmartCharge

In the example here you save approx. DKK 400 a year by SmartCharge. Completely without hassle for you.

The car runs 25,000 km per year
The car uses 0.2 kWh per km, ie 5000 kWh in total
The car typically recharges every other day, which takes 2.5 hours
Baseline: 2.5 hours of charging distributed as other household consumption

SmartCharge: 2.5 hours placed at the cheapest times between 7 p.m. 17-07

The saving is the difference between baseline and SmartCharge
Caution! Price calculations in the app apply if you are an electrical customer at True Energy. Other electricity companies may have different prices. The example is based on historical data. Electricity prices of the future may develop differently. Therefore, True Energy cannot guarantee that everyone will achieve this saving.

Cars And
Charge Boxes

True Energy offers full integration with popular charge box brands. Through the charge boxes, we can automate charging of EVs that are not equipped with charge automation features. True Energy is continually adding more charge box integrations.

Big Battery & Cable Discount

Solutions that leads to results larger than the sum of the individual parts while benefiting us all is at the heart of True Energy’s solutions.

One example is Big Battery, which is a distributed energy storage system with monetary incentives. While charging your EV your, and other electric cars using True Energy’s solutions, acts as a giant backup battery for electricity production. Thanks to the system, electric vehicles can help reduce fluctuations in electricity demand, thereby lowering the need for starting expensive and polluting diesel power plants. If there is a power demand peak, we can stop charging all the cars for a short period (typically a few minutes), and if there is too much power, we start charging. All of this can happen automatically and doesn’t damage your vehicle’s battery. Read more about Big Battery.

Then taking part in Big Battery, users can earn the so-called Kabelrabat, which is a monetary incentive where users can earn rebates on their energy bill through taking part. You can always see how much Kabelrabat you have earned through our App.

SmartCharge Benefits
The Climate – Fully Automatic

SmartCharge benefits the climate – fully automatic
It is the same power coming out of the sockets, but it is produced in different ways. When the wind is blowing in Denmark, the current comes mainly from wind turbines. At other times it is produced from coal, natural gas, biomass, etc.

By managing your consumption automatically, you can prioritize using the most power at times when it is climate-friendly. In other words, you can minimize your ‘consumption’ of coal or gas – and thus your carbon footprint.

The energy grid and the app work together

Each day, the energy grid predicts how the electricity will be produced the next day and how much CO2 is emitted every 5 minutes. You can choose to have your charging plan optimized for those times of the day when there is the lowest CO2 emission.

Instead of having to keep an eye on when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, the True Energy app will do the work for you automatically. You simply choose how much the battery will charge and when the car should be ready. The app knows when the charging cable is inserted, how fast the car is charging and then calculates your optimal charging schedule. The charging schedule is updated every 5 minutes to always reflect your current situation. You can always track the car’s charge in the app.