10 tips and tricks: Get your electric vehicle ready for the summer holidays

Whether your trip is heading north, east, west or south, an electric vehicle (EV) is an excellent choice of transport – if preparations are handled properly. 

We share ten electric vehicle tips and tricks on how to get ready for your EV summer vacation.

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Both new and more experienced electric car owners are getting ready for the summer holidays. Whether it will take place close to home or involve an adventure abroad, a key question will be: How do I get ready for a summer vacation in an EV?

Electric cars still have some challenges that do not apply to their gasoline-powered relatives, but that is far from the same as saying that EVs and car holidays cannot mix. In some ways, electric cars are even far preferable.

Here are 10 electric vehicle tips and tricks that can help make your holiday in an EV as easy and enjoyable as possible.

1: Get the EV ready

One of the most important things is to get the car ready for the trip. Start with a fully charged battery and with everything packed properly. Check if the tire pressure is as it should be and that all necessary equipment is on board.

True Energy’s app for intelligent, automatic EV charging is perfect to ensure that you hit the road with a fully charged battery.

2: Calculate your energy use

Before beginning the trip, you may want to dust off your calculator. The advanced Texas Instruments version from high school is probably not necessary, but it is good to get a rough idea of how far you can expect to drive on a charge. Maps and charging apps can also be a great help in the calculations.

If you have a heavy load or tow a caravan, the EV range may be below the max specified by the manufacturers. Therefore, calculate how your electric car will perform under such circumstances.

Here, previous trips or other people’s experiences can sometimes be used as a starting point.

3: Plan your routes

When driving an EV, there is extra good reason to pay attention to the map – also before setting off. You may want to consider where you can charge. Google MapsPlugShare, A Better Route Planner (ABRP), or ChargeFinder can help you identify charge stations along your chosen routes. If you have a Tesla or Polestar, the functionality to do so is already integrated into the car’s navigation.

Also, check where there are charging options in the area you are going to. This applies, among other things, to whether your hotel has charge stations or whether you can charge while visiting a shopping centre or a national park.

4: Investigate charge density

Charge density refers to how many charge points you can find within a set area.

With new charging stations popping up everywhere, it can be hard to find an exact answer to that, so it can be good to explore an area with different apps from multiple providers.

Via charge density, you get an idea of your options for charging when you visit or drive through an area.

5: Consider charge networks

Depending on where you are going on holiday and which route you choose, there will be several different providers of charging solutions and charging stations along the way. It can be an advantage to choose one or more before the trip starts. It gives you better chances of using DC fast charging along the way and can at the same time lower the cost of charging.

No matter who you choose to sign up with, it is a good idea to test apps and, if possible, chargers before departure so you know how it all works.

6: Have a backup cable ready

The charging cables you can use during the trip may vary. For example, in some places, there will be power sockets, but no dedicated charging stations. Therefore, have a backup cable ready. The backup cable is also known as the granny charger.

7: Ask around

One of the best sources of knowledge and insight about the conditions is other electric car owners. Therefore, feel free to ask for advice in online forums, Facebook groups, and other places where members share their experiences. The same can be true in part for some of the largest travel forums available online.

You may find others who have visited the same areas that you are considering visiting and hear about their experiences from the trip.

8: Plan the breaks

We are big supporters of charging fun. By that we mean that you take the time to enjoy the breaks on the trip. Maybe a game with the kids or a little extra time to talk about loose and tight during lunch. It can be kindly coupled with the car charging.

With a little bit of planning and imagination, the breaks along the way can be made into their own mini-vacations.

9: Drive conservatively

The faster or more unevenly you drive, the faster you drain the battery. On longer trips, there may be a focus on driving as smoothly as possible.

By staying close to the speed limits and driving stably, you will be able to save up for a charge over long trips.

10: Enjoy it

Some of our electric vehicle tips here probably make it sound like it’s hard to take the electric car on vacation. However, this is not the case.

Yes, it requires a slightly different approach, but focus is on slowing down and enjoying the ride.

At the same time, the electric car is much quieter. It provides opportunities and experiences that you can not get elsewhere. And after all, that’s what the holiday is all about, isn’t it?