Smart Charge functionality at low cost and little effort

Would you like to offer your customers advanced smart charge functionality at a lower cost and with little effort? With True Managed API you use our code in your own app and can therefore offer advanced smart charge functionality as if it was your own. At the same time you can earn money on flexibility services and share the money you earn as a Cable Discount with your customers.

Your benefits

  • Quick access to advanced smart charge functionalities.
  • Smart charge built into your own solution or app.
  • Continuous access to new and updated code.
  • Save on expensive development hours.
  • Save time and resources for maintenance.
  • Create and administer your own customers.

User benefits

  • Save money by charging the cheapest hours.
  • Save CO2 emission by charging the greenest hours. 
  • Real smart charge with features like precondition, safety distance and holiday mode.
  • Smart charge with multiple start/stop functionality.
  • Enjoy having everything in one app.
  • Earn money (Cable Discount) while you help balance the grid and support a greener future.


René Frederiksen
Chief Commercial Officer
+45 24 78 22 09 or

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know more about True Managed API you can find a list of Frequently Asked Question by clicking Read more. You will also find more technical information.

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