What is True Solar?

True Solar is a solution that optimises the benefits of your solar panels. In short, it enables you to use as much of your generated electricity as possible, thereby lowering your total energy costs. True Energy’s app lets you see whether electricity flows into or out of your home in real time. You can use this information to optimise your energy use.

For example, we can automatically start charging your electric car when you have high production. This helps you save both money and help the climate.

True Solar is currently in beta. We will let you know when the updated version will be released.

Make the Most of Your Energy

When the sun shines and your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use, the excess electricity flows out from your home and into the energy grid. When you produce less than you use, you have to buy electricity from the grid. The latter is often much more expensive.

This means that it makes sense to use as much of your energy production as possible. True Energy’s app provides you with a constantly updated overview of your energy production and use, enabling you to make your energy consumption cheaper and guaranteed environmentally friendly.

The Smart-Me Module

We need as many beta testers as possible. The first step to getting started, if you haven’t done it already, is downloading the True Energy app here.

The next step is to attach a Smart-me module to your Kamstrup-metre, which lets us see how the electricity is flowing. The module can be purchased here, and it is easy to install.

Automate Charging Your Electric Vehicle

We are now in beta 2. Currently, the app can control the charging of your electric car based on which way the power is flowing. In other words, True Energy’s app optimises your energy consumption automatically, so you always use as much as possible of the electricity that your solar panels produce.

We do this by charging your electric car when you produce more electricity than you use. We will expand the functionality in future updates so that the app can also control your household appliances based on your energy production. This is all automatically controlled by the app.

Climate Friendly and
Cheaper Charging

Using your own energy production to charge your electric vehicle saves you money.

When you charge your EV with electricity from your solar panels, you also know that the electricity you drive on is climate-friendly and that you are helping help to promote the green transition.


You find the app by searching for True Energy in your preferred app store or clicking the button below. The app is free to download and works with both iPhone and Android.

You can freely choose between light and dark modes, and the app’s language settings are controlled through your phone’s settings.

Furthermore, you can activate widgets that show the current electricity prices and the status of your Smart Charge session without needing to open the app.