What is the Local Battery

Project About?

True Energy and Radius wi test electric vehicles’ (EVs) flexibility in relation to limiting the need for expanding the existing energy grid in a project called Local Battery.

Smart Grid Instead of
Expensive Construction Projects

True Energy and the energy grid company Radius have entered into an agreement about a joint pilot project.

The goal is to test electric vehicles’ ability to function as a reliable, flexible extra spare capacity in the Danish energy grid. Using EVs in such a way enables more efficient use of existing grid capacity instead of having to invest in expensive expansion projects.

EV Owners Supporting

Our Green Energy Transition

The project enables Danish electricity customers to support our joint, green transition through their EVs.

The pilot project will be run as a collaboration between True Energy and Radius, with Radius ordering grid flexibility, which True Energy will deliver. The plan is to involve between 200 and 250 electric vehicles in the pilot project.

The project is based on the True Energy app, where charging of EVs is automatically started and stopped at optimal times (we never take power out of the battery ie not V2G). The car owner also sets a safety distance to ensure that the car always charges enough to be able to get to the hospital or station. Read more about the other features in the app that make intelligent charging of the electric car easy and user-friendly.

EV Owners in Radius’ Area

Geographically speaking, the project covers EV owners in Radius’ grid area, roughly equal to all of North-East-Zealand in Denmark.

If you live in the Radius area in North-East-Zealand, you will automatically join the Radius project, if you have downloaded the True Energy App and connected your EV.

Check if you live in the Radius are here.

A car owner who participates in Local Battery earns DKK 31.25 incl. VAT every month – this is equivalent to you getting the normal online subscription for free from Radius Elnet. Your saved Local Battery discount is awarded at the end of a month and displayed in the App.

Simulating Real-life Challenges

The project’s starting point is simulating responses to a real-life challenge. Radius will simulate that the company needs extra capacity in the energy grid, as it is temporarily struggling to meet customers’ demands. The simulated type of incident generally occurs a couple of times a year, but it is a type of situation that can have severe consequences.

Through True Energy’s solution, the charging of EVs can automatically be delayed until times when the energy grid is seeing less demand, without risking that EV owners are faced with a half-charged vehicle in the morning.

How do I participate

in the Project?

First of all, you need to download the app and connect your EV. If you live in the Radius area in North-East-Zealand, you will automatically join the Radius project if you under charging rules set the option to: Participate in Local Battery. In-app notifications will update you on your participation in Local Battery.

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