Here is what Danish Tesla owners think of their cars

True Energy helps many Danish Tesla owners with car charging in the most optimal way. We asked our Tesla owning users to rate their cars and tell us which features they value the most.

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The results of True Energy’s Tesla survey are in, and there is a clear main conclusion: Danish Tesla owners love their cars.

Asked to choose one single quality as the best thing about the car. As can be seen in the graph below, handling was a clear winner with 82 votes.

In addition to the top five, Tesla’s environmental friendliness, charging properties, software and charging network also received individual votes.

Broad satisfaction

We also asked Tesla owners to rate their cars’ various features on a scale of one (lowest) to five (highest). We then calculated the average score for each category. The results, broken down by model, can be seen below.

In general, there is great satisfaction across the board. Tesla owners are on average (for all three models) extra happy with their cars’ acceleration, safety, charging comfort and how easy the car is to use.

The only wormwood in the cup is perhaps when it comes to the additional price.  This is the only quality that got an average score below four.

Unfortunately, due to few responses, we cannot draw any general conclusions about the Model X, but we can reveal that it also scored highly across the board.

Other options

We also asked electric car owners whether they would choose an electric car from another brand if, hypothetically, they could not choose a Tesla. In that case, many Danish Tesla owners are fond of German electric cars.

Audi (24 votes) comes in first place ahead of VW (19), Kia (18), BMW (17) and Mercedes (13) make up the top five. Renault is in the top ten of most popular alternatives. Renault is however, still among the brands that, in this context, have to be outcompeted by an electric bicycle.

What’s on the wish list for Tesla owners?

Last but not least, we asked Danish Tesla owners which feature they would most like to see their cars have or be able to have. We received over 100 different proposals, which included everything from the more mundane such as a speedometer in the windscreen to definite flight characteristics.

Some of the most frequently occurring pre-sales included: Vehicle-to-Grid capabilities, fully self-driving upgrade, towbar, heated steering wheel, better suspension and faster charging.

Remember that True Energy and our True Smart Charge connect directly with Tesla. With a few clicks, you get intelligent and automatic charging of your electric car when electricity is cheapest and greenest. You save time, you save money and you save CO2.

Tesla is the most active car in the entire True Energy app. Tesla-owners are the most content users of the app.