Look into the Crystal Ball 2023 – True Energy

The results of True Energy’s 2023 predictions quiz about EVs and renewable energy are in. See how well you did in the article below and find all the answers to the the “Look into the Crystal Ball 2023 – EV edition” quiz

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How good were your 2023 predictions?

At the beginning of 2023, we asked how the year ahead would go for the renewable energy and electric vehicle (EV) sectors. Now, we are happy to share the answers to our questions and how your 2023 predictions did.

Questions and Answers

Our question: How many EVs will be on Danish roads by the end of 2023?

Answer: This one came down to the wire. In the end, the number of EVs just passed 200,000.

Our question: Which car brand will sell the most electric cars in Denmark in 2023?

Answer: Danes proved very fond of one EV car brand – and one model in particular. Tesla sold a whopping 17,955 Model Ys in 2023, the highest number ever for a single car model in Denmark. In the process, Tesla also claimed the crown as Denmark’s best-selling EV brand.

Our question: Which car will win Denmark’s Car of the Year for 2023?

Answer: The electric incarnation of a classic won the award. The ID.Buzz is an EV version of VW’s classic minibus, and we can’t wait to see more of them on Danish roads.

Our question: Will Elon Musk still be CEO of Tesla at the end of 2023?

Answer: Musk was involved in many controversies in 2023, but he remained Tesla’s CEO throughout the year.

Our question: What will the high watermark be for the Tesla stock in 2023?

Answer: Tesla’s stock posted its highest daily 2023 price on the 19th of July, reaching US$299.29.

Our question: What will be Denmark’s highest spot price for electricity in 2023?

Answer: Data from Energinet’s Data Service shows that the highest spot price for electricity was on September 11th, when a kWh cost 3,9 Danish krone.

Our question: Which percentage of Danes’ energy consumption will come from renewables in 2023?

Answer: As of writing, the figures and analysis are still being compiled.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the True Energy 2023 quiz. Your engagement highlighted the growing enthusiasm for sustainable transport and energy and helped paint a broader picture of the trends and consumer patterns driving us towards a greener future.

A winner for the “Look into the Crystal Ball 2023 – EV edition” gift card reward of 1000 Danish Kroner has been found.