What is climate-friendly electricity?

Supporting the green transition and promoting climate-friendly electricity happens automatically when using True Energy’s solutions. you are supporting the green transition of energy use and the electricity grid in two ways: By buying certified energy from renewable energy sources and by using electricity when its production is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

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Electricity is simple – but can become very complicated

Electricity is a product that is at the same time very simple and incredibly complicated. Using Denmark as an example, there is one main electricity grid, and it is the same electricity that comes out of every mains. No matter if you buy traditional or green electricity, it will not be a question of it having a ‘higher quality,’ being ‘discount’ or in any other way different. 

So how can we say that we sell electricity from renewable sources, such as windmills?

This is where the exploration starts to become more complicated. Actually, we sell green electricity in two different ways:

Green electricity with point-of-origin certificates

We purchase the so-called point-of-origin certificates that certify that the electricity covered through the certificate comes from renewable energy production facilities that are no more than two years old. In other words, we pay energy production facilities and thereby underpin their ability to operate with profits and further develop their renewable energy production. We have chosen to purchase the most valuable certificates from some of the newest windmills because we believe that this investment will generate the biggest push to further develop the technology.

Green electricity from renewable sources

The power in your mains is produced through different means. When the wind is strong, much of it will, in the case of Denmark, come from windmills. At other times it is mainly produced by coal, gas, solar, etc. If you were able to move your electricity consumption to times when it comes from climate-friendly sources, it would mean that you would be lowering the carbon footprint. This is exactly what True Energy’s solutions enable you to do. 

Energy and environment win-win

When the wind blows and the sun is shining, it is easy and cheap to produce renewable energy. As supply and demand dictate energy prices, there is often a correlation between high production of renewable energy and low electricity prices. 

In other words, it is a win-win situation where you get climate-friendly electricity at low prices. However, few of us have time to pay attention to the hour-by-hour prices and associated environmental effects of electricity production. That is why we have developed our app to enable you to see the electricity price for the coming 24 hours and thereby enable you to time your electricity use with the times when it is both most environmentally friendly and cheapest.

Green certification

True Energy’s ”Wind Power” is certified green energy. That is because the certificates it represents are based on 100 percent renewable energy sources.