True Energy & Telematica

Telematica + True Energy

True Energy & Telematica: Accelerating Transportation Electrification through Smart Charging and EV Flexibility Management through Seamless Telematics Integration

The transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles (EVs) and the shift towards renewable energy sources are reshaping the way we think about transportation and grid energy management. In this evolving scenario, the significance of electric vehicle smart charging cannot be overstated. True Energy, a leader in intelligent charging, has been leveraging this technology to make charging efficient and user-friendly.. But to truly revolutionize smart charging, they needed a partner that could provide a seamless connection to a myriad of EVs. Telematica, a leading provider of a universal API that connects and controls EVs, Chargers, HVACs, Solar inverters, and Batteries.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Martin Molberg, CPO at True Energy, to discuss their collaboration with Telematica and the transformative impact it has had.

The Smart Charging and Grid Flexibility Management Vision

The grid is changing and becoming more decentralised with increased penetration of EVs and other DERs and the utilities need innovative solutions to smartly manage EV’s and DERs to keep the grid resilient, while ensuring end consumers are not impacted, says Shishir Shekhar, Sr. Director and Global Lead on Innovation and Technology Strategy at Landis+Gyr. At True Energy, the vision is clear: To provide electric utilities and end consumers (EV owners) easy and convenient ways to decrease their climate impact while saving money, through automated & intelligent charging combined with smart grid integrated flexibility management solutions.

To achieve this, they require real-time data about when a car is plugged in and its battery level. “We use Telematica to get this information,” says Molberg. Based on this data, combined with individual user preferences and market circumstances like future prices and CO2 levels, True Energy devises an intelligent charge plan. The final step? Using Telematica’s APIs to send start and stop commands to the cars, ensuring they charge according to the plan. Telematics also enables integration with other devices such as HVAC, Solar inverters, Batteries too.

Overcoming Challenges

Building direct integrations to cars is no small feat. “It’s time-consuming to build and maintain,” Molberg points out. By partnering with Telematica, True Energy has effectively solved this challenge, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating smart charging and EV Flexibility Management solutions and improve grid reliability.

Why Telematica?

When asked why True Energy chose Telematica over other solutions, Molberg’s answer was straightforward: “We move fast, and it’s crucial to work with a partner that reacts just as quickly.” In a market experiencing rapid growth in EVs and DERs, agility is paramount. But it wasn’t just the speed that appealed to True Energy. The right combination between breadth of EV and DER device integration that Telematica supports, price, quality, and responsiveness made Telematica the ideal partner.

  • Number of Integrations: Telematica’s universal API enables integration with larger number of EVSE, EV Telematics, HAVC and inverters thats support PV and Batteries.
  • Faster Time to Integrations: With Telematica’s universal API, True Energy has achieved integrations with over 30 EV brands, significantly expanding their reach and capabilities.
  • Robust and Reliable Command Execution: The start and stop charging commands are executed seamlessly, ensuring that the charging process aligns perfectly with the intelligent charge plan.
  • Cost Efficiency: Partnering with Telematica proved to be more cost-effective than building in-house solutions, allowing True Energy to allocate resources more efficiently.

The collaboration between True Energy, A Landis+Gyr Company and Telematica is a testament to the power of synergy. As the EV market continues to grow, partnerships like these will pave the way for a greener, more efficient future.